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Each month the HUC-JIR Library system processes new books to be added to our stateside collection. Books on any of our US campuses are eligible for Intra-Library Loan between campuses or to be mailed to alumni and off-site students who are not local to any of our campus libraries. For more information about borrowing privileges for students, staff, faculty, and alumni, email us at

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New Books April 2024

Revolution in type thumbnail book cover imageA revolution in type: gender and the making of the American Yiddish press by Ayelet Brinn. New York: New York University Press, 2023.
Between the 1880s and 1920s, Yiddish-language newspapers rose from obscurity to become successful institutions integral to American Jewish life. … The seemingly peripheral status of women’s columns and other newspaper features supposedly aimed at a female audience―but in reality, read with great interest by male and female readers alike―meant that editors and publishers often used these articles as testing grounds for the types of content their newspapers should encompass. The book explores the discovery of previously unknown work by female writers in the Yiddish press, whose contributions most often appeared without attribution; it also examines the work of men who wrote under women’s names in order to break into the press. Brinn shows that instead of framing issues of gender as marginal, we must view them as central to understanding how the American Yiddish press developed into the influential, complex, and diverse publication field it eventually became. – From book jacket
PN 4885 Y5 B7.5 2023 Cincinnati Stacks

Rabbis reporters and the public thumbnail book cover imageRabbis, reporters and the public in the digital Holyland by Yoel Cohen. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2024. on the triangular relationship between rabbis, journalists and the public, this book analyses each group’s role in influencing the agenda around religion in Israel. The book draws upon the author’s original research, comprising an analysis of the coverage of religion on four Israeli news websites, as well as a large number of interviews conducted with a range of stakeholders: community rabbis, teacher rabbis, and religious court judges; reporters, editors, and spokespersons; and the Israeli Jewish public. … Despite a lack of understanding about mass media behaviour among many rabbis, and, concurrently, a lack of knowledge about religion among many journalists, it is argued that there is shared interest between the two groups, both in support of mass-media values like the right to know and freedom of expression. It is further argued that the public’s attitude to news about religion is significant in determining what journalists should publish. –Provided by publisher
BM 729 M3.7 C6.5 2024 Cincinnati Stacks

reading reform responsa thumbnail book cover imageReading reform responsa: Jewish tradition, Reform rabbis, and today’s issues by Rabbi Mark Washofsky, PhD ; foreword by Rabbi Joan S. Friedman, PhD. New York: Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), 2024.
The responsa literature, in which rabbis answer questions about halachah (Jewish law), is a vast treasury reaching back nearly fifteen centuries; Reform rabbis have been writing responsa since the 1800s. In Reading Reform Responsa, Rabbi Mark Washofsky, PhD, presents a deep dive into this literature, boldly arguing that Reform Judaism is indeed a movement fundamentally based on halachah. By inviting and guiding readers to understand Reform responsa with a critical eye, he shows that our movement has always been informed by Jewish law, as well as Reform history. A teacher and mentor of generations of students at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Rabbi Washofsky gives us a peek inside his classroom, making Reform responsa-and their history, framing, and context-engaging and accessible for all.– Provided by publisher
BM 521 W3.73 2024 Cincinnati Stacks & BM 197 W3.72 2024 NY & LA Stacks

Jewish culture and creativity thumbnail book cover imageJewish culture and creativity: essays in honor of Professor Michael Fishbane on the occasion of his eightieth birthday. Edited by Eitan P. Fishbane & Elisha Russ-Fishbane. Boston : Academic Studies Press, 2023.
Jewish Culture and Creativity honors the wide-ranging scholarship of Prof. Michael Fishbane with contributions of his students on subjects that cover the gamut of Jewish studies, from biblical and rabbinic literature to medieval and modern Jewish culture, and concluding with case studies of the creative application of Prof. Fishbane’s thought and theology in contemporary Jewish life. The innovative scholarship represented in this volume offers critical new perspectives from antiquity to contemporary Judaism and will serve as a stimulus for new directions in and beyond the field of Jewish studies. – Provided by publisher
PJ 5005 F5.7 J4.8 2023 Cincinnati Stacks

We are free to change the world thumbnail book cover imageWe are free to change the world: Hannah Arendt’s lessons in love and disobedience by Lyndsey Stonebridge. New York: Hogarth, an imprint of Random House, 2024.
In the months after Donald Trump’s election, Hannah Arendt’s seminal work, The Origins of Totalitarianism crashed onto the Amazon bestseller lists…. Arendt would’ve recognized the extremes of the twenty-first century from her own: the disenchantment with politics; the rise of conspiracy theories; self-censorship; powerlessness; tyranny and occupation, the climate catastrophe, the banality of evil. She had lived through it already. … Questioning – thinking – was her first defense against tyranny. Her approach was to change the world by examining it unflinchingly, and not simply to criticize and protest. It is this defiance that attracts so many to her work today.” – Provided by publisher
JC 251 A7.4 S7.8 2024 Cincinnati Stacks

New Books

B-2023 20 Green, Jesse.; Schmidt, Jason.Jones, Christine. Here we are :how Jewish people built the American theater as we know it / 2023

BD 450 H4.9 2023 Heschel, Abraham Joshua,; Aikhenṿald, Dov. מיהו האדם / 2023

BJ 1286 C6.4 B7.6 2024 Brous, Sharon, The Amen effect :ancient wisdom to mend our broken hearts and world / 2024

BL 65 C8S5.3 2023 שביט, יעקב. כתוב בספרים :רשימות = Written in books : notes / 2023

BM 197 W3.72 2024 Washofsky, Mark,; Friedman, Joan S., Reading reform responsa :Jewish tradition, Reform rabbis, and today’s issues / 2024

BM 506 B7.3 S4.54 2023 שלמה בן יצחק (רש”י), 1040-1105, מחבר.; ארנד, אהרן.; Mosad Byaliḳ (Jerusalem) פירוש רש״י למסכת ביצה :מהדורה ביקורתית / 2023

BM 506 K4.3 L5.4 2023 ליפשיץ, ברכיהו.; Merkaz moreshet harav Nisim (Jerusalem) אלו נערות :עיונים בסוגיות התלמוד / 2023

BM 755 K2.813 Y4.4 2023 ידידיה, אסף. דורש יש לה :חייו ומשנתו של הרב צבי הירש קלישר = The life and thought of rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalicher / 2023

BM 755 K6.734 K6.73 2023 Ḳoraḥ, Yosef.; Bin-Nun, Adam ben ʻOvadyah.; Tema – ha-Agudah le-ṭipuaḥ ḥevrah ṿe-tarbut (Netanyah, Israel) חיי שלום :פרקי זיכרונות מחיי הרב שלום קורח ותקופתו / 2023

BS 1235.52 R5.9 2024 Robinson, Marilynne, Reading Genesis / 2024

BS 1235 .53 G4.713 2023 Gertz, Jan Christian, Genesis 1-11 / 2023

BS 1415 .53 G6.4 2023 גולדמן, גבריאל.; שבתי, חיים.; מוסד הרב קוק. איוב :עולם בנוי וחרב ובנוי : פרשנות והגות / 2023

DS 109.92 L4.4 2023 דוד, אברהם. למען ירושלם לא אשקוט :אסופת איגרות ירושלמיות מראשית תקופת השלטון העותמאני =For Jerusalem’s sake I will speak out : A Collection of Early Ottoman Letters from Jerusalem / 2023

DS 110 W4.7 H5.8 2023 גרינברג, לב.; דה מלאך, דניאל. התיישבות והתנגדות בישראל/פלסטין :סוגיות נבחרות ואירועים היסטוריים במבט ארוך טווח = Colonization and resistance in Israel/Palestine : selected issues and historical events in a long-term perspective / 2023

DS 113.8 S4Y5.7 2023 הלד דילהרוזה, מיכל,; בן-נאה, ירון.; מכון בן-צבי לחקר קהילות ישראל במזרח היישוב הישן הספרדי בארץ ישראל =The old Sephardi Yishuv in Eretz Israel / 2023

DS 135 F8.5 P7.674 2023 Shatzmiller, Joseph, Collected studies / 2023

DS 135 S9.3A1 2023 Oberlé, Hélène Mona.; Picard, Jacques,Rabinowitz, Dan,Sarr, Khadeeja Haddy, It’s all about emotions :narratives of highly skilled migrants: a study of Swiss in Israel and Israelis in Switzerland / 2023

DS 135 U9.2 K3.43 2023 קגנוביץ’, אלברט.; Yad Yitsḥaḳ Ben-Tsevi (Jerusalem)Mekhon Ben-Tsevi le-ḥeḳer ḳehilot Yiśraʼel ba-Mizraḥ (Jerusalem) חברים בעל כורחם :רוסיה והיהודים הבוכרים 1917־1800 = Reluctant friends : Russia and the Jews in Bukhara,1800-1917 / 2023

E 184 J5 J5.566 2023 Gereboff, Joel D.,Friedmann, Jonathan L., Jewish historical societies :navigating the professional-amateur divide / 2023

HT 178.I72 J4.78 2023 סליי, ברכה.; קרק, רות. עיר עתיקה חדשה :שימור והתחדשות ברובע היהודי בירושלים = Old-new city : conservation and renewal of the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem / 2023

HV 3193 I 7.5 B4.6 2023 בן־גדליה, יוחאי.; יד יצחק בן צבי. מסע ומתן :הפילנתרופיה היהודית־אירופית וירושלים בזמן מלחמת קרים = European Jewish Philanthropy and Jerusalem during the Crimean War / 2023

HV 3193 S9 H3.6 2023 Häne, Barbara, «Ein Hilfswerk, das gewaltige Ausmasse angenommen hatte» :Otto H. Heim und die jüdische Flüchtlingshilfe in der Schweiz 1935-1955 / 2023

HX 378.5 A6Y3.4 2024 יהב, דן. עלייתו וירידתו של הקומוניזם בישראל :פרקים בתולדות המפלגה הקומוניסטית (1919-2024) = The rise and fall of the Communist in Israel (1919-2024) / 2024

HX 550 J4N3.8 2023 נבון, תום,; מרכז זלמן שזר לחקר תולדות העם היהודי. בדיו אדומה :פרשנויות מרקסיסטיות של ההיסטוריה היהודית = Marxist interpretations of Jewish history / 2023

HX 742.2 A3 Y3.45 2023 שמר, ארנה.; טופל, מנחם.; יד טבנקין. יחיד ביחד :קהילה קיבוצית בין הכלה להדרה = Individual within the collective : inclusion and exclusion in Kibbutz community / 2023

LC 3737 I 8K4 2023 ‫ ח’לף, אמין אי של שוויון :כיצד ניסו בתי הספר הדו-לשוניים לשנות את ישראל וכיצד שינתה ישראל אותם = An island of equality : how the bilingual schools tried to change Israel, and how Israel changed them / 2023

NA 5977 T4.6 2023 Kamlah, Jens,Witte, Markus, Temples, synagogues, churches, and mosques :sacred architecture in Palestine from the Bronze Age to medieval times = Tempel, Synagogen, Kirchen und Moscheen : Sakralarchitektur in Palästina von der Bronzezeit bis ins Mittelalter / 2023

New eBooks

Śar-Shalom, Aviʻad,; Peled, Yuval,Singer, Rachel,Amit-Cohen, Irit,Rich, Rafi,Śaśon, Avi,Rosenberg, Elissa, Cultural landscapes of Israel / 2023

Forthcoming Books

Ammann, Sonja, Der zerbrochene Spiegel :die babylonische Eroberung Jerusalems als kulturelles Trauma / 2024

Baruch, Yuval,Reich, Ronny,Hagbi, Moran,Uziel, Joe, The Southern Wall of the Temple Mount and its corners :past, present and future / 2023

Bassichis, Morgan,Saper, Jay,Valinsky, Rachel,Davis, Angela Y. Questions to ask before your bat mitzvah / 2023

Borýsek, Martin, Jewish communal autonomy and institutional memory in Venetian Crete :a study of Takkanot Kandiyah / 2023

Brinson, Charmian,Nyburg, Anna, Innocence and experience :childhood and the refugees from Nazism in Britain / 2024

Buruma, Ian, Spinoza :freedom’s messiah / 2024

Canfield, Robert L.,; Whiteman, Darrell, Jerusalem burning :the terror and promise of the “wrath of love” / 2024

Caplan, Debra,Moss, Rachel Merrill,; Michigan Publishing (University of Michigan), The Dybbuk century :the Jewish play that possessed the world / 2023

Chavel, Simeon,James, Elaine T., Reading the Song of Songs in a #Metoo era :women, sex, and public discourse / 2023

Clines, David J. A. Play the man! :Biblical imperatives to masculinity / 2023

Dal Bo, Federico, Judaism, philosophy, and psychoanalysis in Heidegger’s ontology :harrowing the heath / 2023

Darshan, Guy,; Daṿidson, Ḥanah, Stories of origins in the Bible and Ancient Mediterranean literature / 2023

Davies, Jonathan, Representing the dynasty in Flavian Rome :the case of Josephus’ Jewish war / 2023

Erickson, M. A. Key Connections :understanding the changes from the old to new testament. 2023

Fishbane, Eitan P.,Russ-Fishbane, Elisha,Fishbane, Michael, Jewish culture and creativity :essays in honor of Professor Michael Fishbane on the occasion of his eightieth birthday / 2023

Gamliel, Ofira, Judaism in South India, 849-1489 :relocating Malabar Jewry / 2023

Gordon, Mary Louise Contini, Family oral history across the world / 2023

Hassenfeld, Ziva R., The second conversation :interpretive authority in the Bible classroom / 2024

Henik, Libby,Aron, Lewis, Contemporary psychoanalysis and Jewish thought :answering a question with more questions / 2024

Hezser, Catherine, The Routledge handbook of Jews and Judaism in late antiquity / 2024

Jacobs, Steven L., A short history of Judaism and the Jewish people / 2024

Karp, Amy Tziporah, Queer Jewish strangers in American popular culture :life between assimilation and otherness / 2023

Kogman-Appel, Katrin,Ortega Monasterio, María Teresa,Barco, Javier del, The Kennicott Bible :a masterpiece of Jewish book art / 2023

Lamb, Blaine, Jewish settlers in the Arizona Territory / 2023

Lerner, Maria,; R., Paula,Brown, Lena,Quint, AlyssaPiazza, Elya,Rickman, Allen Lewis,Mniewski, Miro, Three Yiddish plays by women :female Jewish perspectives, 1880-1920 / 2023

Lev, Sarra, And the sages did not know :early rabbinic approaches to intersex / 2024

Lipschits, Oded. Judah in the Biblical period :historical, archaeological and biblical studies : selected essays / 2024

Martins, Hugo, The Portuguese Jews of Hamburg :the history of a merchant community in the seventeenth century / 2024

Moore, Michael S., Retribution or reality? :a short theological introduction to the book of Job / 2023

Morel, Olivier, The “German illusion” :Germany and Jewish-German motifs in Hélène Cixous’s late work / 2023

Murphy, James Bernard, The third sword :on the political role of prophets / 2024

N/A Gog and Magog :contributions toward a world history of an apocalyptic motif. 2023

Novak, David, God-talk :the heart of Judaism / 2024

Oberg, Andrew, A phenomenological reading of Hosea 12:4-5 and 11:1-2 :commune with us / 2024

Onuorah, Ogochukwu Daniel, Social memory in Ex 16 and the identity of exilic/post-exilic Israel / 2023

Raim, Edith. Der jüdische Mäzen und die Nazis :James Loeb und Murnau 1919-1933 / 2024

Rodgers, Zuleika,Wynn, Natalie, Reimagining the Jews of Ireland :historiography, identity and representation / 2023

Rudahl, Sharon,; Buhle, Paul,Kluckner, Michael, The Bund :a graphic history of Jewish labour resistance / 2023

Samuels, Maurice, Alfred Dreyfus :the man at the center of the affair / 2024

Scales, Joseph, Galilean spaces of identity :Judaism and spatiality in Hasmonean and Herodian Galilee / 2024

Schmidtke, Sabine, Martin Schreiner between Islamic studies and “Wissenschaft des Judentums” :reconstructing his scholarly biography / 2024

Schroer, Silvia,Münger, Stefan,Rahn, Nancy,Wyssmann, Patrick, “Trinkt von dem Wein, den ich mischte!” =”Drink of the wine which I have mingled!” : Festschrift für Silvia Schroer zum 65. Geburtstag / 2023

Schüler-Springorum, Stefanie,; Reid, Christopher W. Gender history of German Jews :a short introduction / 2024

Schulz, Heiko, God’s own mouthpieces :prophecy and reason in Judaism, Christianity and Islam / 2023

Shatzmiller, Joseph, Jews in the medical profession / 2023

Spencer, John R.Hardin, James Walker,Blakely, Jeffrey A., Hesi after 50 years and 130 years :beginning a new generation of Hesi research / 2023

Stonebridge, Lyndsey, We are free to change the world :Hannah Arendt’s lessons in love and disobedience / 2024

Surh, Gerald D., Russian pogroms and Jewish revolution, 1905 :class, ethnicity, autocracy in the first Russian Revolution / 2024

Torres, Anna Elena, Horizons blossom, borders vanish :anarchism and Yiddish literature / 2024

Trotter, Christine R., Hellenistic Jews and consolatory rhetoric :2 Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon, 1 Thessalonians, and Hebrews / 2023

Vincė, Laima, Vanished lands :memory and postmemory in North American Lithuanian diaspora literature / 2023

Vinco, Magdalena, Jiddische und polnischsprachige Familienromane nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg / 2023

Westwood, Ursula, Moses among the Greek lawgivers :reading Josephus’ Antiquities through Plutarch’s Lives / 2023

Hofman, Miriam Ben Zeev, Aelia Capitolina in context :Roman policy in Judaea in the time of Hadrian / 2023

Oorschot, Jürgen van,Beyer, Andrea,Allolio-Näcke, Lars, Zur Kritik der exegetischen Vernunft :Beiträge zu Theorie und Pragmatik der alttestamentlichen Wissenschaft / 2024

Reingold, Matt, The comics of Asaf Hanuka :telling particular and universal stories / 2023

Vecchio, Diane C., Peddlers, merchants, and manufacturers :how Jewish entrepreneurs built economy and community in upcountry South Carolina / 2023

Wrobel, Mirosław Stanisław, Anti-Judaism and the gospel of John :a new look at the fourth gospel’s relationship with Judaism / 2023

Beeckman, Bryan, One or two translators? :translation technique and theology of LXX Proverbs and its relation to LXX Job / 2024

Benyaminy, Yitzhak, Lacan and the biblical ethics of psychoanalysis / 2023

Bide, Bethan,; Whitmore, Lucie; Museum of London Docklands, Fashion city :how Jewish Londoners shaped global style / 2023

Chasin, Stephanie, British Jews and imperial service :nationalism, pan-Islamism and Zionism in mandate Palestine and Colonial India / 2024

Clines, David J. A., Joban papers / 2023

Filtvedt, Ole Jakob,Schröter, Jens, Know yourself :echoes and interpretations of the Delphic maxim in ancient Judaism, Christianity, and philosophy / 2023

Friedman, Steven, Good Jew, bad Jew :racism, anti-semitism and the assault on meaning / 2023

Frühauf, Tina, The Oxford handbook of Jewish music studies / 2023

Klooster, Wim,Ben-Ur, Aviva, Jewish entanglements in the Atlantic world / 2023

MacDonald, Nathan, The making of the tabernacle and the construction of priestly hegemony / 2023

Mann, Lonnie,; Gatts, Ryan, Gaytheist :coming out of my Orthodox childhood / 2024

McEntire, Mark Harold, Monotheism and narrative development of the divine character in the Hebrew Bible / 2023

N/A Mystik. 2024

Rotach, Brigitta, Moses Quellwasserwunder :Ex 17 und Paraschat Chukkat (Num 20) in jüdischen und christlichen Bildrezeptionen / 2024

Sacks, Jonathan,Brown, Erica,Weiss, Shira, An ode to joy :Judaism and happiness in the thought of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and beyond / 2023

Shepherd, Michael B., The messiah of the Targums:messianic exegesis of the Hebrew bible / 2023

Slayton, Philip, Antisemitism :an ancient hatred in the age of identity politics / 2023

Vinick, Barbara H.,Reinharz, Shulamit, 100 Jewish brides :stories from around the world / 2024

Wildeman, Jeremy,Ayyash, Mark Muhannad, Canada as a settler colony on the question of Palestine / 2023

קרטון־בלום, רות. שיר בורא קורא :מסות על השירה העברית־הישראלית = A poem writes its reader : essays on Israeli Hebrew poetry / 2023

מכתר, איתן. זרתוסטרא הציוני :מוטיבים ניטשיאנים בהגותו של ברדיצ’בסקי / 2023

ברדיצ’בסקי, דינה, אל המים :יוסף חיים ברנר וימי המודרניזם העברי המוקדם = To the water / 2023

פנחס-כהן, חוה לחישת הארץ לשמים :מבחר = Earth’s whisper to the sky : selected poems / 2023

סתר, תמר. תו החלוף של דוד שיץ :חייו ויצירתו = Marks of transience : the life and works of David Shüts / 2023

משאלי, יעל. אמא וזהו =Just mom / 2023

אמיתי, מיה. בין ״חביון הלב״ ל״טוב למות בעד ארצנו״ :ייצוגי התאבדות בספרות העברית המודרנית = The “Silence of the heart” and “it is good to die for our country” : representations of suicide in Modern Hebrew Literature / 2023

אברמסקי, שולה.; Mosad Byaliḳ (Jerusalem) המשל =The fable / 2023

מירון, דן. שתי הנקמות המאוחרות של פרנץ קפקא, :או, מדוע דרוש לעם העכברים “משורר לאומי” = Franz Kafka’s two acts of late revenge / 2023

Renzi-Sepe, Maria Teresa, The perception of the Pleiades in Mesopotamian culture / 2023