Browsing the Shelves

The Francis-Henry Library consists of two floors containing thousands of books and various other materials, along with many helpful resources and spaces for study, work and meetings. The library entrance is on the 2nd floor of the HUC-JIR building, right by the elevator and staircase. This page provides an overview of the library's resources and where to find what you're seeking.

People talking in the Frances-Henry Library

Getting Around the Library

Second Floor
The HUC-JIR building entrance and lobby is on the first floor. Proceed to the second floor to access the library.

  • Reference and Reserves
  • Books in Open Stacks
  • Folio (oversized) Books
  • Rare Book Room
  • Theses
  • Bound Journals

  • Circulation Desk
  • Library Administrative Offices
  • Study Carrels
  • Copying, Scanning, and Printing
  • Seminar Room
  • Library Classroom
  • Microfilm Reader/Scanner
  • Reading and Work Areas

  • Special Collection Boxes
  • LP Records
  • Selected Call Numbers
    (see chart below)

Bound journals are in the rows of stacks closest to the windows.
The most recent issues of many journals are located in the library lounge.
New issues of journals that have not been bound yet are shelved in the library storage. Ask for them at the circulation desk.

Selected Call Numbers


Books with the following call numbers are shelved in a library storage area. Ask for them at the circulation desk.>
A – AZ HS – HZ
C PJ 1-PJ 4499; PJ 5053-5055
D 1-699 PJ 5125 – 9999
DS 1-129; DS 153-830 PQ – PZ
DT – DZ Q, R, S
G – GN U, V
GT – GV  
H – HM Z (in Librarian’s office)

Other items that are shelved in special locations include:

  • Special Collections (mostly art books)
  • SC Box (items too small or delicate to put on the shelves)
  • RBR (rare book room)
  • unbound issues of journals
  • recorded music (records, cassettes, and CDs)
  • DVDs
  • CD-ROMs
  • Microfilm (in library lounge)