Jewish Ideas Fellowship

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Question, grow, lead, and connect.

Join emerging Jewish leaders from across the country to build a foundation in Jewish thought, literature, and culture, while sharpening your leadership skills.

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As a Jewish Ideas Fellow, you will:

  • Explore your honest questions about spirituality, life, and building community in the 21st century
  • Gain adaptive leadership skills to manage change in Jewish, professional, and personal life
  • Learn fundamentals of Jewish text, history, and philosophy from scholars and thought leaders with a diversity of perspectives
  • Co-create a community of learning and growth

Jewish Ideas Fellows will have access to:

  • Deep Jewish learning with world-class faculty
  • Coaching and mentoring from skilled innovators and community builders
  • A supportive cohort of peers from around the country

The deadline to apply is September 1st, 2022.

For any questions, email Rabbi Rachel Gross-Prinz.


This fellowship is for post-college emerging Jewish leaders who want to dive into Jewish learning and add to their leadership skill set.

Ideal participants are in an informal or formal leadership role or are seeking to grow and serve their local community more deeply. No formal Jewish learning or Hebrew is required, but an interest in both is a must!

The Jewish Ideas Fellowship has a two-part application process. Each applicant needs 1) a nomination form completed by a mentor, staff person, community partner, or supervisor, and 2) an application. The deadline for both forms is September 1, 2022.

Application form: Complete the application form here. Each applicant who applies will ask a mentor, community partner or leader to complete a nomination form on their behalf.

Nomination form: Staff, leaders, and mentors can nominate someone to apply for the fellowship using this nomination form. Once a nomination form is received we will review it, and if eligible, invite the nominee to apply. An applicant can also send the nomination form to a mentor, community partner, or leader to complete on their behalf when they are applying.

Note: The nomination form is confidential and the contents will not be shared beyond the application review committee.

Once the nomination form and application form are received, materials will be reviewed and applicants will be notified if they’ve been accepted.

This fellowship requires 6-8 hours per month from October-May. This includes:

  • Bi-weekly Beit Midrash (literally meaning “house of seeking or study”): Live Zoom learning sessions October – January with the entire cohort.
  • Chevruta (“paired study”): monthly small group sessions for deeper Jewish learning and leadership skill development.
  • DIY Learning: occasional reading or reflection exercises for Beit Midrash and Chevruta gatherings.
  • Personal Coaching and Leadership Growth: Through beginning and mid-year goal-setting exercises with the Jewish Ideas Fellowship Director, each fellow will pick an area of leadership growth to experiment within their community or personal Jewish life.

Each fellow will experiment with different ways to cultivate this growth using their local community as a living laboratory.

Examples: Some fellows may want to encourage greater inclusivity in their community, or facilitate deeper relationships, meaningful learning experiences, or just more fun! Or a fellow may want to cultivate a specific character trait in their personal or professional life with Jewish tools. These goals and action steps will be personalized for each fellow.

From February through May, the Beit Midrash will only occur monthly to give Fellows more time to work on these personal leadership development projects.

Sure! There will also be optional asynchronous learning videos that fellows can watch on their own time.

Fellows will gain skills for leading, connecting, and inspiring communities.

Fellows will acquire Jewish wisdom for life’s biggest questions.

As fellows build a network of peers and mentors from across the country, they will develop an authentic sense of their own unique connection to Jewish life, community, and culture.

Stipend: Fellows who complete the fellowship will receive a stipend for further Jewish learning and leadership development and a certificate of completion.