Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance includes estimated living expenses as well as mandatory and optional additional costs. 99% of students in eligible programs receive scholarship support.

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Cost of Attendance

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What's Included in my COA?

  • Direct costs are items that will appear on your student bills, such as tuition and fees.
  • Indirect costs will not appear on your bill but are estimated living costs you accrue as a student at the College Institute. These include items like books, transportation, and personal expenses. Please note that these category totals are only estimates based on student surveys and living index data and your actual living costs might vary from what is listed.

Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music Program - New York 2024-25

Activity Fee$35
Coaching Fee$550
Food and Housing$24,000
Federal loan origination fees*$410
School Supplies$2,400
Voice lessons$3,000
Health Insurance$3,000
Cost of Attendance$71,695
*Only charged by Direct Loans for students who want student loans
Graduation and ordination fees of $200 are charged in the semester of graduation

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