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DeLeT mentoring and professional development programs.

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As our alumni begin their teaching careers, DeLeT provides support through the DeLeT Teacher Coaching and Induction Programs. The DeLeT Coaching Program, in partnership with the Jewish New Teacher Project, offers one-on-one mentoring to candidates in Jewish day schools.

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The DeLeT Induction Program fulfills the California Senate Bill SB-2024 requirement for support and assessment for teacher candidates within the first five years of teaching in private Jewish day schools. The DeLeT Induction Program is accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and is open to DeLeT graduates and beginning teachers in Jewish day schools.

The DeLeT Teacher Coaching Program provides one-on-one coaching and the promise to engage candidates in a highly interpersonal and supportive process to grow as professional educators.

The DeLeT Teacher Coaching Program includes:

  • One-on-one mentoring, observation, feedback, and guidance from a DeLeT Mentor for 2+ hours every other week throughout the school year using the New Teacher Center’s Kiano Formative Assessment System.
  • Meetings twice each year with your school’s administrator and the DeLeT Mentor to set goals and evaluate teaching growth.
  • Coaching program candidates compile a portfolio consisting of lesson and unit plans, observation and formative assessment tools used during coaching sessions, reflections on teaching, and student work samples.

The DeLeT Induction Program includes:

  • Participation in a year-long intensive coaching model via the DeLeT Teacher Coaching program, the DeLeT MAT program, BJE/LAUSD sponsored coaching, or other coaching structure as approved by the program coordinator.
  • An orientation and a choice of three professional development networking seminars provided by the Jewish New Teacher Project.
  • An Inquiry Action Project focusing on a specific area of interest, designed to further your teaching knowledge and practice.


  • DeLeT Teacher Coaching Program fee $2,500
  • DeLeT Induction Program fee $1,500
  • DeLeT Induction Program fee (DeLeT Alumni) $500

Individualized coaching program structures are available

How to Apply

To apply to the DeLeT Coaching Program fill in the DeLeT Coaching Program School Approval Form: 2024 – 2025 DeLeT Coaching Program School Approval Form

To apply to the DeLeT Induction Program fill in one of the DeLeT Induction Program Applications: 2024 – 2025 DeLeT Induction Program Application (Non-Alumni) or 2024 – 2025 DeLeT Alumni Induction Program Application

Send all completed applications to Dr. Bonnie Sharfman


After completion of the induction program, what is the process for final recommendation of the clear credential?

To be recommended for a clear credential, Candidates must complete their inquiry action project, pass the portfolio review, and have completed all state requirements. After a successful review of the portfolio and other documents by the DeLeT Induction Program Coordinator and the DeLeT Director, candidates are recommended for the Clear Credential. The cost of the Clear Credential is $105 (paid by the candidate directly to the CTC) and is usually processed within two months. For more details go to

What happens if a candidate does not pass the portfolio review or other program requirements?

Additional coaching is available for candidates who are not yet qualified to receive a recommendation for a Clear credential. Any concerns or requests for appeal about the portfolio review or recommendation process can be directed to Dr. Lauren Applebaum, DeLeT Director,

Is there an early completion option?

Candidates can apply to complete the DeLeT Induction Program in the one-year Early Completion Option with recommendations from both their Principal and the Induction Program Coordinator. The early completion application process takes place in the spring.

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