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DeLeT Day School Teachers for a New Generation

Do you love working with young people and their families? Are you ready to develop the skills and connections to apply your knowledge of Judaism, literature, or science in a setting where you can make an impact? Are you brimming with ideas about how to create a better Jewish day school experience?

Working with young people and serving the community through Jewish education will lead to a career of fulfilling work and relationships.

As immersive sites for teaching and learning, Jewish day schools are institutions that can shape Jewish hearts, minds, and souls with capacities for responsible, kind and values-driven thinking and action. Our goal is to prepare modern, progressive day school teachers with the tools and experiences to successfully transform children’s lives through learning. DeLeT is the only Jewish teacher credentialing program of its kind serving the West Coast, and our alumni are in high demand.

The DeLeT Credential Program

Our 13-month program fosters the core knowledge, skills, and professional development for teaching.

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In the Classroom

You will bring your textbook education to life in your teaching residency, where you will partner with a lead teacher in lesson planning, working with students, and creating a classroom community.

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MAT Program for DeLet Alumni

Specifically designed for DeLeT alumni, our Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a 2-semester master’s program that offers continued learning for classroom teachers wishing to strengthen their professional practice and skills.

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Coaching and Induction Programs

The DeLeT Coaching Program offers one-on-one mentoring to candidates in Jewish Day Schools. The DeLeT Induction Program fulfills the California Senate Bill SB-2024 requirement for support and assessment for teacher candidates within the first five years of teaching in private Jewish Day Schools.

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DeLeT LeHora’at Ivrit

If you are fluent in Hebrew, love working with children, and hope to be a professional Hebrew teacher, DeLeT Lehora’at Ivrit will help you achieve your dream. Enjoy professional development and personal growth and fulfill your values and goals, as you demonstrate your commitment to serving the Jewish people.

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