Cantorial Ordination students

Cantorial Ordination and Master of Sacred Music

Combining your commitment to Jewish life with your love of music—studying in both New York and Jerusalem.

Join our five-year cantorial program

You will combine in-classroom studies with on-the-ground congregational work, developing your musical, spiritual, and professional skill sets.

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In the Classroom

Cantorial students in the DFSSM complete a robust five-year coursework curriculum that includes the study of Tanach, liturgy, theology, and education, as well as courses in a range of cantorial styles.

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In the Community

Beginning in your second year, you will be able to serve a congregation as a student cantor. Available positions may include those for the High Holy Days, along with various monthly and bi-weekly pulpits, which may be “solo” or “sheini” to a cantor in the field.

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Our Values

Our DFSSM community is rooted in Reform Jewish values of authenticity, intentionality, and progress. Our alumni are the expressive core of diverse Jewish communities all over the world.

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All cantorial students begin their studies at our beautiful campus in Jerusalem. Along with a strong focus on building Hebrew proficiency, exploring Israel, and practical cantorial skill-building, you will have the opportunity to encounter Israeli music in both secular and religious environments.

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Star Fellows

Three cantorial students serve every year as Star Fellows, granting each of them full tuition (for a three-year period), additional living stipends, and rich programmatic resources.

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