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Bible/Early Resources929-Tanakh be-yahadThis resource is a project similar to Daf Yomi, going through one chapter of the Bible a day, with text and audio commentaries. Available in Hebrew or English.Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBiblePrimary sources
Bible/Early ResourcesAramaic Targum of Shir Ha-ShirimThis resource is an English translation of the Aramaic translation of Shir Ha-Shirim by Jay C. Treat.Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBibleMidrashTanakhTanach
Bible/Early ResourcesBible HubThis resource is organized by Bible verse and include commentaries, definitions of terms, multiple translations and more.Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBibleTanakhTanachReferenceDictionary
Bible/Early ResourcesCDLI Cuneiform Digital Library InitiativeCDLI hosts about 500,000 images and/or translations of cuneiform texts. It also includes references to help Near Eastern studies.Early SourcesPrimary SourcesManuscriptsPhotographs
Bible/Early ResourcesComprehensive Aramaic LexiconThis Lexicon includes every dialect of Aramaic from the 9th century BCE through the 13th century CE.Early SourcesPrimary sourcesBibleTanakhTanachReferenceDictionary
Bible/Early ResourcesDead Sea Scrolls ProjectThe Dead Sea Scrolls Project provides free access to a searchable database of very high quality images of the Dead Sea ScrollsEarly SourcesPrimary sourcesBibleManuscriptsPhotographs
Bible/Early ResourcesDigital Dead Sea ScrollsThis site offers descriptions of the Dead Sea Scrolls with images.Early SourcesPrimary sourcesBibleManuscriptsPhotographs
Bible/Early ResourcesEarly Christian WritingsThis collection of Christian writings 30-380 in English translation is searchable and browsable by date range and type of work. It also includes links to commentaries and analysis of these works.Early SourcesPrimary sourcesBible
Bible/Early ResourcesEarly Jewish WritingsThis is a collection of Jewish writings in English translation: Tanakh, Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Philo of Alexandria, Josephus. It is searchable and browsable by name of work and includes links to commentaries and analysis of these works.Early SourcesPrimary sourcesBibleTanakhTanach
Bible/Early ResourcesEarly Church FathersThis is a full text of collection of early Christian works through 325 CE (electronic version of Early Church Fathers). Access it through the browse function in the table of contents.Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBible
Bible/Early ResourcesETANA - Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East ArchivesETANA is a portal for Ancient Near eastern studies. Its major projects include Abzu (database of open access primary and secondary sources), Core texts (digitized hieroglyphic, cuneiform, and alphabetic texts,) and eTACT (repository of translated Akkadian texts)Early SourcesPrimary SourcesManuscriptsPhotographs
Bible/Early ResourcesJastrow DictionaryThe Tyndale Archive of Biblical Studies hosts a browsable (but not searchable) Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic LiteratureEarly SourcesPrimary SourcesBibleReferenceTalmudMidrash
Bible/Early ResourcesLeningrad CodexFrom the electronic version of the Leningrad Codex maintained by the J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical Research.Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBibleTanakhTanach
Bible/Early ResourcesMaagar Sifrut ha-KodeshThis resource includes full text of Bible, Tosefta, Talmud Bavli, Mishnah Torah, etc. and a Hebrew/English dictionary. Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBibleMishnahTalmudReference
Bible/Early ResourcesMechon-mamreThis is an online translation of the Bible, including vocalized/unvocalized text etc, commentaries and other resources. Texts are available in English, Hebrew, and parallel Hebrew/English.Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBibleTanakhTanach
Bible/Early ResourcesMikraot Gedolot HaketerThis website provides the searchable hebrew text of Mikraot Gedolot, including the Aramaic translation, and commentaries.Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBibleTanakhTanachMidrash
Bible/Early ResourcesMorfixThis website provids Hebrew/english online dictionary, with other language learning resources such as games and quizzes. Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBibleReferenceDictionary
Bible/Early ResourcesNew English Translation of the SeptuagintThis resource is a new English Translation of The Septuagint, with a list of emendations and corrections from the most recent version of the publication. Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBibleTanakhTanach
Bible/Early ResourcesSefariaSefaria is repository of Liturgical, Talmudic, and Biblical texts in English, Hebrew and sometimes Aramaic, also includes Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Edot Ha-Mizrah siddurim, Chabad, etc and allows for user-creation of source sheets for teaching and discussion. Early SourcesPrimary SourcesBibleLiturgyReferenceDictionaryRabbinic LiteratureTalmudMishnah
Bible/Early ResourcesZohar Pritzker editionThis website contains the Aramaic text of the first five volumes of this edition of the Zohar. The Versions include regular text, underlined text showing emendations, and “user-friendly,” which includes page numbers that correspond to this printed edition, Italics for the Biblical verses, and citations for the verses with verse and chapter number.Early SourcesPrimary SourcesReferenceRabbinic Literature
Talmud/Rabbinic ResourcesHalacha BruraAccess this resource through the "ezrei limud" tab: study aids for daf yomi, commentaries on Rambam and agadah, parashat hashavu'a, and laws of Hanukah and PesahRabbinic LiteratureTalmudHolidaysEducationHalacha
Talmud/Rabbinic ResourcesMidrash Project at the Schechter Institute of Jewish StudiesAccess critical versions of Midrashim, including Kohelet Rabbah, Esther Rabbah, Shir ha-Shirim and others, by clicking on each title in the section headed "Synoptic Editions of Midrashim."Rabbinic LiteratureMidrashPrimary SourcesReference
Talmud/Rabbinic ResourcesMidrashic Units in the MishnahThis resource is a database that explains every biblical reference/interpretation in the Mishnah, in order of occurrence, except for the tractate Avot. Rabbinic LiteratureMishnahReference
Talmud/Rabbinic ResourcesRabbinic ResourcesThis site is a collection of links to Rabbinic primary texts, journals, dictionaries, and other study tools.Rabbinic LiteraturePrimary sourcesRabbinic LiteratureBibleMidrashTalmudMishnah
Talmud/Rabbinic ResourcesSoncino Edition of the Talmud in EnglishThis is an English edition/translation of the Soncino Talmud, formatted into two columns by Reuven Brauner. Rabbinic LiteratureTalmudPrimary Sources
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesCantors AssemblyThe Cantors Assemply provides full text of Journal of Synagogue Music Archive and audio recordings or Torah reading. Essays address Jewish law related to music.MusicCantorLiturgyArchive
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesChazzanut OnlineThis resource offers biographies of musicians and links to online music resources, including sheet music archivesMusicAudio RecordingLiturgyArchiveManuscriptsPrimary Source
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesJewish Music Research CenterThe Jewish Music Research Centre (JMRC) is an academic institution dedicated to the documentation, research, and publication of scholarly materials about music conceived, performed, and consumed within Jewish social frameworks in the past and present.MusicArchiveArticlesReference
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesJewish Music Web CenterThe purpose of the Jewish Music WebCenter is to support and encourage scholarship and general enjoyment of Jewish music. This website provides an informational platform for activities by individuals and groups as well as academic and archival resources.MusicCantorArchiveReference
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesJudaic Collection Recorded Sound Archives of FAUOriginally established in 2002 as a small project dedicated to the preservation of Jewish music, the RSA has matured into a robust digitization operation for all types of sound recordingsMusicCantorAudio RecordingArchive
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesMilken ArchiveFounded in 1990, this archive has 600 works, oral histories, 50,000 photographs, historical documents, recordings of live footage, program notes and other resources to document the history of Jewish music in America. MusicCantorAudio RecordingVideoArticles
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesNational sound archiveThe Music Center catalog includes records for books, characters, personal archives and archives of institutions and communities. Catalog Music Center also includes the Sound Archives, the recordings of folk music, popular, artistic, Israeli, Jewish, and music from various communities in the country.MusicAudio RecordingArchive
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesSave The Music FoundationOne of the largest collections of recorded Jewish music online, searchable by composer, performer, language, collection, etc. 62 pages of videos of performances are available as well. MusicAudio RecordingVideo
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesVirtualCantorThe purpose of this site is to promote the proliferation of Nusach and to make a Nusach readily accessible to those who have a desire to learn and a desire to deepen their Judaism. Includes music for various liturgical, holiday and lifecycle events. MusicCantorAudio RecordingHolidays
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesYiddish American Sheet MusicThis collection is made up of primarily Yiddish theater music, the Yiddish American Sheet Music Collection includes the Irene Heskes Collection (from the archives of the Hebrew Publishing Company). Includes printed sheet music as well as items in manuscript form. Selections prior to 1922 are presented online, while others, still remaining under copyright in the United States, will likely be added to the site as they enter the Public Domain.MusicYiddishImagesManuscriptsPrimary sources
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesYiddish Sheet MusicThis collection is part of the Brown University Library Center for Digital Initiatives, this collection contains digital images of approximately 700 pieces of pre-1923 Yiddish sheet music. While most of the collection is from Yiddish musical theater, it also contains cantorial works and folk music.MusicYiddishImagesManuscriptsPrimary sources
Music Resources/Sound ResourcesYiddish Song of the weekThis website featues a Yiddish song of the week with translations and transliterations of lyrics, by folklorist Itsik GottesmanMusicJudaicaYiddishAudio Recording
Art ResourcesVisual MidrashVisual Midrash is an online bilingual (Hebrew and English) collection of Bible art and commentary, sponsored by the TALI Education Fund in Israel.ArtJudaicaMidrashArtPhotographsJudaica
Art ResourcesLoeb Jewish Portrait DatabaseThis resource is the world’s most extensive online gallery of portraits of American Jews in the Colonial and Antebellum Periods, with depictions of various famous Jewish personages. ArtJudaicaHistoryPhotographsGenealogy
Art ResourcesPomegranate GuildThe mission of the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework is to pass needlework traditions to other generations of women and men through the sharing of knowledge and techniques needed to create handcrafted items intended for both Jewish ritual and cultural use.ArtJudaicaHolidays
Art ResourcesSkirball Cultural CenterIts mission is to explore the connections between 4,000 years of Jewish heritage and the vitality of American democratic ideals. It seeks to welcome and inspire people of every ethnic and cultural identity in American life.ArtJudaicaHistoryPhotographsMuseumHolidays
Art ResourcesAll About Yiddish TheatreThis website offers Hebrew encyclopedic articles on Jewish theater and general Jewish topics: works of art, people, and events. It also contains galleries of still images from Yiddish theater.ArtJudaicaYiddishEducation
Art ResourcesAmerican Guild of Judaic ArtThe Guild's membership includes Jewish artists, galleries, museum curators, collectors, retailers of Judaica, writers, educators in the field of Jewish studies and art history, and others professionally involved in the field. The Guild can suggest educational workshops, lectures, seminars and outreach programs both for artists and for the general public.
Art ResourcesBezalel Narkis Index of Jewish ArtCollection of Jewish art, including illuminated manuscripts and early printed booksArtJudaicaPrimary sourcesManuscripts
GenealogyAmerican Jewish Joint Distribution CommitteeThis collection includes photographs from 1910 to the present with a focus on WWII era.GeneaologyHistoryPhotographsPrimary sourcesHolocaust
GenealogyJewishgenOne of the most well-known Jewish geneaology websites, it has searchable databases by town/country, surname, etc. It also has Hebrew/Gregorian date converter which is particularly helpful regarding birth/date dates. GenealogyHistoryCalendarPhotographs
GenealogyJewish Geneaology in ItalyThis site includes a history of Jews in Italy, census lists, Jewish family heraldry, and name database.GenealogyHistoryPhotographsPrimary sourcesHolocaust
GenealogyJewish Records Indexing-PolandThis website is a index of Polish Jewish genealogy, with over 5 million records or births, deaths and marriages, which have survived the Holocaust and later periods of Polish history. GenealogyHistoryPhotographsPrimary sourcesHolocaust
GenealogyMuseum of the Jewish PeopleThe Museum of the Jewish People includes geneaological information searchable by surname and place of origin.GeneaologyHistoryPhotographsPrimary sources
GenealogyPolish RootsPolishRoots covers all areas that were historically part of the Polish Commonwealth, from the 16th through the 18th centuries, throughout the years of partitions by Prussia, Russia, and Austria, through its rebirth in 1918, subsequent domination during World War II and post-War occupation, to its present freedom and struggle for independence through the latter 20th Century.GeneaologyHistoryPhotographsPrimary sourcesReference
GenealogyRoutes to Roots FoundationThis is a website for tracing Central and Eastern European/Ashkenazi ancestry and routes of migration, including access to archival documents, photographs and postcards. GeneaologyHistoryPhotographsArchiveArticles
GenealogySephardic GenealogyThis is Sephardic genealogy website by Jeffrey S. Malka, including a list of most popular Sephardic surnames, general history of Sephardi Jews, databases, and other resources. GeneaologyHistoryPhotographs
GenealogyStatue of Liberty-Ellis IslandThis site includes several online exhibits on immigration to the United States as well as a searchable database of ship (and some aircraft!) manifests.GenealogyPhotographsPrimary sources
GenealogyKevarimThe goal of this project is twofold: to preserve the memory of departed Gedolei Yisrael, and to provide a place to turn to in time of need to those who may not have the opportunity to travel.GenealogyPhotographs
Jewish History ResourcesAmerican Jewish ArchivesThe AJA preserves, and makes available for research, materials on the history of Jews and Jewish communities in the Western Hemisphere (primarily focusing on America) including data of a political, economic, social, cultural, and religious nature.Primary sourcesHistoryManuscriptsPhotographsArtArchives
Jewish History ResourcesAmerican Jewish Joint Distribution Committee ArchivesThe JDC Archives houses the organizational records of JDC, the overseas rescue, relief, and rehabilitation arm of the American Jewish community, the archives includes over 3 miles of text documents, 100,000 photographs, a research library of more than 6,000 books, 1,100 audio recordings including oral histories, and a collection of 2,500 videosPrimary sourcesHistoryManuscriptsPhotographsArtArchives
Jewish History ResourcesGlobal Directory of Jewish MuseumsThis directory of Jewish Museums is sortable by country, city, or museum name and includes the link to the museum.HistoryReferenceStatisticsMuseumArchivesDirectory
Jewish History ResourcesHistoric Synagogues EuropeThis website is an interactive map of all existing European synagogues, whether currently used as such or not, including pictures, dates of construction, and what the current usage of the buiilding is and other searchable features. HistoryReferenceStatisticsDirectory
Jewish History ResourcesJewish Languages ResearchThis website is run by HUC Professor Sarah Bunin Benor, includes a database for research into history and usage of languages Jews have spoken and written throughout history. HistoryYiddishVideoReferenceStatistics
Jewish History ResourcesJewish MuseumThe Museum maintains a unique collection of nearly 30,000 works of fine art, Judaica, antiquities, folk art, ceremonial objects, and broadcast media which reflect the global Jewish experience over more than 4,000 years. HistoryArtPhotographsManuscriptsMuseum
Jewish History ResourcesJewish Virtual LibraryThis website is an online encyclopedia covering all aspects of Jewish historyHistoryReferencePhotographsIsraelEducationStatisticsArticles
Jewish History ResourcesJewish Women’s ArchiveThe Jewish Women’s Archive is a national organization dedicated to collecting and promoting the extraordinary stories of Jewish women.HistoryReferenceGender StudiesPhotographs
Jewish History ResourcesJewish Women’s StudiesThis is a database for Jewish Women’s Studies by topic such as Holocaust, Medieval era, research institutes and archives, etc. HistoryGender StudiesBibleRabbinic LiteratureEducationHolocaustReference
Jewish History ResourcesJTA ArchiveThe Jewish Telegraph Agency archive website provides access to current articles, with the archive starting 1923. HistoryNewspapersArticles
Jewish History ResourcesLibrary of Congress' From Haven to Home: 350 Years of Jewish life in AmericaThe exhibition features more than two hundred treasures of American Judaica from the collections of the Library of Congress and other institutions.HistoryReferencePhotographs
Jewish History ResourcesMa’agarim- The Historical Dictionary ProjectThis historical dictionary of Hebrew aims to document when and where certain words and phrases entered the Hebrew language, what the original form was, and if the word/phrase is still in use, among other historical questions. HistoryReferenceDictionary
Jewish History ResourcesMedieval Jewish History Resource directoryThis website is list of Jewish history resources by time period, subject, geographic location etc. HistoryEducationGenealogyReferenceArchives
Jewish History ResourcesNYPL Digital CollectionsThe New York Public Library Digital Collections contains 890,000 items from the NYPL collections, including a lot of Jewish history pertaining to the history of New York and other Jewish communities. Includes photographs, manuscripts and other documents. HistoryPhotographsManuscripts
Jewish History ResourcesSynagogues 360°Synagogues360 offers a unique visual and historical experience of synagogues across North America, Europe and Asia from small, remote villages to cosmopolitan cities.HistoryPhotographsReferenceStatisticsDirectory
Jewish History ResourcesUnion List of Digitized Jewish Historic Newspapers, Periodicals and e-JournalsThis resource provides a list of and links for digitized historical Jewish newspapers and periodicals from various locales and languages.HistoryReferenceDirectory
Jewish Education ResourcesLookstein Center for Jewish EducationThis educational resource, The Lookstein Center, is dedicated to providing critical supports for Jewish educators as they learn, teach, and lead in the twenty-first century to ensure an engaged and educated Jewish communityEducationHolidaysRitualReference
Jewish Education ResourcesMelton Center for Jewish EducationThe Melton Centre at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a vibrant academic community, characterized by its intellectual effervescence, its pluralistic approach and its commitment to the sustainability of Jewish culture and heritage through diverse forms of education.EducationReference
Jewish Education ResourcesNewCAJEThis site includes The Jewish Educator Journal archive and robust resources for teaching: lesson plans, curricula, resources for holidays, discussion guides; discussion boardEducation
Jewish Education ResourcesOpensiddurOpen Siddur is an open-source community project for folk sharing prayers and crafting their own prayerbooks and is searchable by occassion or keyword.SiddurLiturgyRitualPrayerbooks
Jewish Education ResourcesRitualwellRun by Reconstructing Judaism, this website has access to thousands of Jewish rituals, videos, and other resources organized by lifecycle event, occasion/purpose. RitualLiturgyHolidaysPrayerbooksSiddur
Jewish Education ResourcesSources for the history of Jewish EducationBlog posts on history, politics, education in Jewish history in Israel and elsewhereEducationHistoryIsraelArticles
Jewish Education ResourcesYiddish Studies Journal/Inge VebThe Yiddish Studies Journal is for the study of all things Yiddish—the focal point for discussions of Yiddish literature, language, and culture, and the home for the next generation of Yiddish scholarship.EducationYiddishArticlesArchivePrimary sources
Jewish community affairsBerman Jewish DatabankThis site provides summaries of various Jewish population surveys by region, topic, and more. Datasets are not available.Jewish AffairsStatistics
Jewish community affairsBerman Jewish Policy ArchiveThis site provices online access to archive's collections including full text of journals (Journal of Jewish Communal Service, American Jewish Year Book, Sh'ma, Journal of Jewish Education).Jewish AffairsStatisticsHistoryEducationArchives
Jewish community affairsCongregation Beth Simchat TorahWorld's largest LGBTQ synagogue located in NYJewish AffairsLGBTQGender Studies
Jewish community affairsInstitute on Judaism and Sexual OrientationThe Institute for Judaism, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR) is the first and only institute of its kind in the Jewish world. The Institute was founded in 2000 to educate HUC-JIR students on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues to help them challenge and eliminate homophobia and heterosexism; and to learn tools to be able to transform the communities they encounter into ones that are inclusive and welcoming of LGBT Jews. Jewish AffairsLGBTQGender StudiesSocial Justice
Jewish community affairsJewish Community Resource Council JCRC provides resources on Jewish values and social justice, including links to full-text documents, educational materials, and action opportunities.Jewish AffairsEducationSocial JusticeEducation
Jewish community affairsJewish Orthodox Feminist AllianceJOFA, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, expands the spiritual, ritual, intellectual and political opportunities for women within the framework of halakha (Jewish law), by advocating meaningful participation and equality.Jewish AffairsGender StudiesSocial Justice
Jewish community affairsJewish Queer YouthJQY (Jewish Queer Youth) is a nonprofit organization supporting and empowering LGBTQ youth in the Jewish community. JQY fights to ensure the emotional and physical health and safety of these individuals, with a special focus on teens and young adults from Orthodox, Chasidic, and Sephardic communities. Jewish AffairsLGBTQGender StudiesSocial Justice
Jewish community affairsKeshetKeshet is an LGBT Jewish visibility organization that advocates for equality of LGBT Jews in communal life and institutions.Jewish AffairsLGBTQGender StudiesSocial Justice
Jewish community affairsLilith MagazineIndependent, Jewish & frankly feminist since 1976, Lilith’s mission is to be the feminist change-agent in and for the Jewish communityJewish AffairsEducationSocial JusticeGender StudiesMagazineArchivesArticles
Jewish community affairsMazon.orgMazon is a Jewish organization dedicated to using the resources of Jewish tradition and social action to combat hunger and food insecurity in various communities.Jewish AffairsSocial JusticeArchivesArticles
Holocaust Education/ResourcesGhetto Fighters' House Museum ArchiveFull text and scans, art, photos, audio recordings related to Holocaust are available here.HolocaustPrimary sourcesAudio recordingsArtPhotographsArchives
Holocaust Education/ResourcesHolocaust and Humanity EducationThe Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education educates about the Holocaust, remembers its victims and acts on its lessons. Through innovative programs and partnerships, CHHE challenges injustice, inhumanity and prejudice, and fosters understanding, inclusion and engaged citizenship. Resources include traveling and permanent exhibits, teacher trainings, and innovative programs.HolocaustHistoryEducationMuseum
Holocaust Education/ResourcesHolocaust TimelineThe History Place hosts a timeline of the Holocaust from 1933 when Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany until the 1961 Eichman trial.HolocaustHistory
Holocaust Education/ResourcesJewish Partisan Educational FoundationThe mission of JPEF is to develop and distribute effective educational materials about the Jewish partisans and their life lessons, bringing the celebration of heroic resistance against tyranny into educational and cultural organizations.HolocaustHistoryPrimary sourcesAudio recordingsVideoEducation
Holocaust Education/ResourcesKindertransportThis website provides access to the history, photographs and stories of those who were on the Kindertransport evacuation trains for children fleeing Germany, Austria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia to the UK after Kristallnacht. HolocaustHistoryGenealogyPhotographsVideoEducation
Holocaust Education/ResourcesNizkorNizkor is a Canadian organization and Holocaust memorial through Bnai Brith Canada, which also provides guides to further research. HolocaustHistoryPhotographsReference
Holocaust Education/ResourcesSimon Wiesenthal CenterThe Simon Wiesenthal Center is a global human rights organization researching the Holocaust and hate in a historic and contemporary context.HolocaustHistoryVideoArticles
Holocaust Education/ResourcesTeacher's Guide to the HolocaustAn overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through photographs, documents, art, music, movies, and literature This site includes many resources for teachers and activities for students in various grade levels.HolocaustHistoryPrimary sourcesAudio recordingsVideoEducation
Holocaust Education/ResourcesUSC Shoah FoundationThe Visual History Archive is an online portal from USC Shoah Foundation that allows users to search through and view 53,000 audiovisual testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides that have been catalogued and indexed at the Institute.HolocaustPrimary sourcesAudio recordingsVideoPhotographsArticles
Holocaust Education/ResourcesUnited States Holocaust Memorial MuseumThe United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is a living memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum inspires citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity. This website provides photographs, videos, survivor testimonies, and other exhibits related to the Holocaust as well as other genocides and ethnic cleansings. HolocaustPrimary sourcesAudio recordingsVideoPhotographsMuseum
Holocaust Education/ offers contributors (survivors, liberators, historians, family, students and teachers) a place to connect and share the best research resources and stories through art, photography, painting, audio/video, and remembrance.HolocaustPrimary sourcesAudio recordingsVideoPhotographs
Holocaust Education/ResourcesWorld Memory ProjectThis project of United States Holocasut Memorial Musium includes millions of documents containing details about victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution during World War II. This is a free searchable database hosted by Volunteers may also participate by keying in records to add to the database.HolocaustPrimary sourcesAudio recordingsVideoGenealogy
Holocaust Education/ResourcesYad VashemYad Vashem in Israel is the world center for documentation, commemoration and memorial for the Holocaust. The website Includes access to archives, digital collections, survivor testimonies, etc. HolocaustPrimary sourcesAudio recordingsVideoPhotographsMuseum
Holocaust Education/ResourcesYizkor BooksDatabase of 1,033 Yizkor books that document the history, daily, life, etc of communities in Eastern Europe mainly, which were destroyed during the Holocaust and WWII. HolocaustReferenceHistoryPrimary sources
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsCollection of Menasseh Ben IsraelScanned images of books printed by the early Dutch publisher, Menasseh Ben Israel.ArtPrimary sourcesBooks
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsDaatThese Hebrew essays and addresses on a variety of Jewish topics are organized by organization, date, subject, and/or author.ArticlesArchiveHistoryBooks
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsDigital BodleaianDigital Bodleian makes portions of the Bodleian's extraordinary library collections (Early Modern Manuscripts and Archives) open to a wide variety of users from around the world for learning, teaching and research.ArtPrimary sourcesManuscriptsHistory
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsCambridge Digital LibraryCollections of particular interest interest in this comprehensive digital library include Hebrew Manuscripts, Cairo Genizah, and Medieval and Early Modern Greek Manuscripts. ArtPrimary sourcesManuscriptsNewspapers
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsDavid and Fela Shapell Family Digitization Project Ketubbot CollectionThe National Library of Israel has a vast and rich collection of ketubot that site allows for a wide, comprehensive and in depth look at the ketubah as a Jewish document, a Jewish creation and a vital historical source.ArtPrimary sourcesManuscriptsKetubahJudaica
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsFriedberg Genizah ProjectThis resource provides digitized Genizah manuscripts, early printed books, and other Judaica alongside transcriptions of the texts. ManuscriptsGenizahBooks
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsGinzberg Legends of the JewsIn the early 1900s, Ginzberg collected midrash and aggadic stories about the Bible and Biblical characters and wove them together into one narrative.BibleMidrash
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsHebrewbooks.orgFull text of Hebrew older monographs are available here, including many works used in HUC-JIR classes. Rabbinic LiteraturePrimary SourcesBooks
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsKtivKtiv is a digitized collection of Hebrew manuscripts on many subjects provided by the National Library of Israel, with the manuscripts coming from all places/time periods of Jewish history. ArtPrimary sourcesManuscripts
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsMahzor CataloniaThis is a digitized Mahzor for Rosh Ha-Shana and Yom Kippur according to the Catalonian RiteArtPrimary sourcesManuscriptsHolidays
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsPiyut ArchiveThe Piyut Database provides information about the history, manuscripts, transmission, and liturgical usages of various Piyutim through Jewish history. ArtPrimary sourcesManuscriptsArticlesLiturgy
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsProject Ben YehudaProject Ben-Yehuda aims to make accessible the classics of Hebrew literature (poetry and prose, but also essays, letters, memoirs, and reference works) to the reader of Hebrew. For that purpose, the literary works are converted to a format that is readable and searchable on the Internet. The project is intended to be of use for both amateurs and scholars of literature. It is inspired by the parallel English project started by the late Michael S. Hart called Project Gutenberg.ArtHistory
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsUniversity of Haifa Library DMCThis website provids access to the digital collections of the University Haifa, including rare manuscripts, Genizah fragments, videos, Israeli geography, history, Kabbalah, and other subjects. ArtPrimary sourcesManuscriptsGenizahIsrael
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsUniversity of Pennsylvania's Judaic Special CollectionsThis is a database of Judaic/Hebrew manuscripts and other rare material from the University of Pennsylvania.ArtPrimary sourcesManuscriptsGenizah
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsYiddish Book CenterThe Yiddish Book Center provides access to the full text of digital versions of 11,000 Yiddish books, oral histories, audio files, and other Yiddish cultural information. ArtYiddishReferenceBooksEducation
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsJiddische DruckeThis database provided by the University of Frankfurt, contains nearly 800 very valuable Yiddish books printed in Hebrew letters in West, Central and East Europe. ArtYiddishReferenceBooks
Jewish Books/Judaica/ManuscriptsYIVO Vilna collectionThe YIVO Vilna Collections project is run by YIVO and others, to reconnect the YIVO libraries in New York City and Vilna, and to reconstruct the collection of the august private Strashun Library of Vilna, which was one of the largest Jewish libraries of prewar Europe. ArtYiddishReferenceArticlesArchives
Israel/ZionismBank of IsraelThis site provides full text of research papers, policy reports, and other financial resources (Israeli and global).IsraelStatisticsArticles
Israel/ZionismBegin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar Ilan UniversityThe Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (also known by its acronym, the BESA Center) is an independent, non-partisan think tank conducting policy-relevant research on Middle Eastern and global strategic affairs, particularly as they relate to the national security and foreign policy of Israel and regional peace and stability.IsraelStatisticsArticlesJewish Affairs
Israel/ZionismCentral Zionist ArchivesPrimary sources on Zionism in various media, primarily text and photographs are available here. The site includes less common such as newspaper articles, maps, posters. Also includes secondary descriptions of organizations and individuals.IsraelZionismArticlesArchives
Israel/ZionismEarly Hebrew NewspapersThe Historical Jewish Press website brings the data and Digital Humanities revolution to this field and offers the possibility to perform a full search of all the published text of a given newspaper throughout all the years of its publicationIsraelHistoryNewspapersArticlesMagazine
Israel/ZionismEncyclopedia of the Pioneers and Builders of IsraelThis is a database of primary sources related to individuals involved in building the modern state of Israel. It is searchable by English or Hebrew name (on screen keyboard available). Images and transcriptions of text are available.IsraelHistoryPrimary sources
Israel/ZionismHoly Land MapsMaps of Israel From the Eran Laor Cartographic CollectionIsraelHistory
Israel/ZionismIsrael MuseumThese are images for works from the Israel Museum's collection. It is searchable by artist name and browsable.IsraelArtPrimary sourcesManuscriptsMuseum
Israel/ZionismIsrael Ministry of Foreign AffairsThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs guides the policy between Israel and another countries and looks out for Israelis in the diaspora. The site includes information for visitors to Israel.IsraelArticles
Israel/ZionismIsrael 21cThis site focuses on Israel's contributions in the areas of health, technology, democracy, and culture.IsraelArticles
Israel/ZionismIsrael National Photo GalleryThis collection is of the state of Israel, holds within it photographs of principal events and people in the life of the country as they have been documented by Government Press Office photographers over the years starting with the earliest days of the state and up until the present day. It also presents photographs by additional photographers, some from before the establishment of the state, who have donated their collections for the benefit of the citizens of Israel.IsraelPhotographs
Israel/ZionismYad TabenkinYad Tabenkin is an Israeli research institute for the history and documentation/publication of materials related to the history of Kibbutz movement and history of individual KibbutzimIsraelArticlesPhotographs
Israel/ZionismYad Yitzhak Ben-ZviYad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi is an Israeli research institute for the study of documents and other material related to the history and life of Jews who lived under Islamic rule in various places and countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.IsraelEducation
Israel/ZionismWeizmann Center for Study of Zionism at Tel Aviv UniversityThe Chaim Weizmann Institute for the Study of Zionism and Israel, at the Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies and the Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities, was established in 1962 as the first research institute at Tel Aviv University.IsraelHistoryEducation
Reform and Progressive JudaismCCARThe professional organization for Reform rabbis, this site also has opportunities for lifelong learning for anyone.
Reform JudaismHistory
Reform and Progressive JudaismHUCThe seminary of the Reform Jewish movement. Find information about the programs, the campuses, the faculty, and much more.Reform JudaismEducationHistory
Reform and Progressive JudaismIsraeli Movement for Reform and Progressive JudaismThe Israel Movement for Reform & Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) is the umbrella organization of all the Reform communities and institutions in Israel. We seek to integrate Jewish tradition with the realities of modern life, and believe in the right of each individual to shape their own Jewish way of life through a process of study and reflection. The Reform movement emphasizes the commandments concerning relations between humans, religious tolerance, and full equality between women and men in the synagogue and in all walks of life.Reform JudaismEducationHistory
Reform and Progressive JudaismReform JudaismThis site has been built and designed keeping in mind the needs of Reform Jews, unaffiliated Jews and those wishing to learn more about Reform Judaism. The content has been developed by a wide variety of educators, rabbis, cantors and laypersons who are active participants in Reform Jewish life.Reform JudiasmHistoryEducation
Reform and Progressive JudaismReform ResponsaThe CCAR applies Jewish scholarship and transition to contemporary issues through the creation of Reform Responsa, based on the historic Jewish system of providing answers to questions about Judaism and Jewish living. Questions are submitted to the Responsa committee, and responses are provided.Reform JudaismResponsaEducation
Reform and Progressive JudaismReligious Action Center of Reform JudaismThe RAC educates and mobilizes the Reform Jewish community on legislative and social concerns, advocating on more than 70 different issues, including economic justice, civil rights, religious liberty, Israel and more. Reform JudaismEducationSocial Justice
Reform and Progressive JudaismUnion for Progressive JudaismThe UPJ is the roof body that resources 27 congregations, schools, youth groups and communal organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, serving about one fifth of the region’s affiliated Jewish community. Reform JudaismHistoryEducation
Reform and Progressive JudaismUnion for Reform JudaismThe URJ (formerly the Union of American Hebrew Congregations) builds community at every level, collaborating and connecting with congregations, organizations, and individuals across North America to advance contemporary and inclusive Jewish life.Reform JudaismHistoryEducation
Reform and Progressive JudaismUnion Progressiver JudenProgessive Judaism in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.Reform JudaismHistoryEducation
Reform and Progressive JudaismWorld Union for Progressive JudaismThe World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ), established in London in 1926, is the international umbrella organization of the Reform, Liberal, Progressive and Reconstructionist movements, serving 1,200 congregations with 1.8 million members in more than 50 countries.Reform JudaismHistoryEducation
Writing ToolsAPA Style helpThis site includes tutorials on the American Psychological Association styles and quick answers to common citing and formatting questions.EducationReference
Writing ToolsCitation MachineType an ISBN into this site and it will create the citation in any of ALA, MLA, Chicago, or Torabian formats. If it can't find your ISBN, you can type the information about the book into a form, and the website will create a citation for you to cut and paste into your document.EducationReference
Writing ToolsOpencollegesThis resources provides citation guides for MLA, APA and other citation formats for use in academic papers and research. EducationReference
Writing ToolsSBL Style helpThis resources provides citation guides for SBL formats used in academic papers and research.EducationReference
Writing ToolsTurabian (Chicago) Style helpThis resources provides citation guides for Turabian/Chicago formats used in academic papers and research.EducationReference
Writing ToolsZoteroZotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, annotate, cite, and share research.EducationReference
Research and Education ResourcesAssociation of Religion Data ArchivesThe site provides resources for research and teaching, including demographic survey data and lesson plans.EducationReferenceStatistics
Research and Education ResourcesCORECORE’s mission is to aggregate all open access research outputs from repositories and journals worldwide and make them available to the public. In this way CORE facilitates free unrestricted access to research for all.EducationReference
Research and Education ResourcesDirectory of Open Access BooksThis resource provides an online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, academic texts as ebooks.EducationReference
Research and Education ResourcesDirectory of Open Access JournalsThis resource provides an online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journalsEducationReference
Research and Education ResourcesGet the ResearchThis portal provides access to peer-reviews research on various topicsEducationReference
Research and Education ResourcesGlobal ETD searchThis portal provides access to dissertations and theses citations from around the world from 1861 to the present day together with 1 million full text dissertations that are available for download in PDF formatEducationReference
Research and Education ResourcesGoogle ScholarMany scholarly publications are available with free online access through Google Scholar.EducationReference
Research and Education ResourcesHathiTrust Digital LibraryThis comprehensive resource provides digital images of material held around the world.EducationReferencePhotographs
Research and Education ResourcesOpen Access Digital Theological LibraryThis is a resource for journal articles, ebooks and other resources related to theological studies and other related areas. EducationReference
Research and Education ResourcesOpencollegesThis resources provides citation guides for MLA, APA and other citation formats for use in academic papers and research. EducationReference
Research and Education ResourcesPofatuThis is a resource for geochemical sourcing of archeological materials, which allows for reconstructiong trade patterns and movements in historical contexts.EducationReferenceBible