Reissuing of Diplomas and Ordination Documents as part of HUC-JIR's Teshuvah Process

HUC-JIR is committed to providing replacement graduation and ordination documents to alumni as part of our ongoing efforts to take responsibility for past harms and create opportunities for healing within our community.

HUC-JIR has been working conscientiously to strengthen a sacred and respectful culture and atone for past harms. Many alumni have expressed interest in receiving re-issued graduation or ordination documents and our Teshuvah Working Group shared recommendations to support this process in May 2023. We are now pleased to make this opportunity available.

New documents are available to all alumni of HUC-JIR who would like them, whether because original documents contained signatures of people who were abusive or caused harm, or because they contain gendered language that you would like corrected or changed.

Complete this form to request a new diploma or ordination document.

Review these Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about this process.

If you have any questions or need help completing the form, please contact Rabbi Rachel Maimin, Teshuvah Director, at

Alternatives to Replacing Your Documents

We know that replacing meaningful documents will not be the right approach for everyone who has concerns about their existing diplomas or ordination documents. If you would like to continue displaying your existing documents but take steps to acknowledge the painful feelings they may elicit, we invite you to consider affixing this contextual message on the wall next to your degree.

Creating Ritual Meaning

Rabbi Dr. Kari Tuling (’04, ’13) has designed a creative ritual for receiving a new document. This liturgy is meant to be a resource; for some it may be meaningful in its entirety, and for others, it may be meaningful to use some elements of the ritual.

View Liturgy for Receiving a New Document


Frequently Asked Questions

HUC-JIR is making this opportunity available as part of an ongoing process of teshuvah. The reissuing of documents has been requested by alumni and survivors, and recommended by our Teshuvah Working Group.

New documents are available to all alumni of HUC-JIR who would like one, whether because your documents contained signatures of people who were abusive or caused harm, or because your documents contain gendered language that you would like corrected or changed. New diplomas are available for all earned master’s degrees, ordination documents, and doctoral degrees. At this time, we are unable to offer reissued documents for honorary doctorates.

No, for this one-time reissuing of documents, there is no charge.

Reissued documents will have the signatures only of the current President, Provost, and Board Chair of HUC-JIR. They will not have the signatures of any other members of the faculty or administration, past or present.

You will receive your document within 8-12 weeks of submitting your request.

Ordering for reissued documents will be open from October 18, 2023 – February 29, 2024.

Fill out the request form.

Per the change to cantorial language in 2012, all cantorial documents will read “ordained” and not “invested.”

Morateinu HaRav מורתנו הרב
Morateinu HaRabbah מורתנו הרבה
Moreinu HaRav מורנו הרב

Prior to 2016, HUC bestowed men with the title Moreinu HaRav (a traditional rabbinic title of esteem going back centuries), and women’s smicha documents read Rav u’Morah. That was changed in 2016 to make ordination document language equitable, and now all of our students of all genders may choose among the three options for rabbinic title in Hebrew – as may any alumni seeking reissued documents.
All three current options are rooted in the title Moreinu HaRav, which places both words in the masculine. Unless he chooses otherwise, a man being ordained now would receive this title.
Morateinu HaRav gives folks the option of making the word teacher feminine in Hebrew, while retaining the title Rav for rabbi. Given that some colleagues, especially in Israel, choose the title Rabbah instead of Rav, Morateinu HaRabbah makes both teacher and rabbi feminine in Hebrew. Anyone may choose any of these options.

You may choose among masculine, feminine, and non-binary Hebrew language. For rabbinical documents, this is a separate choice from the options for rabbinic title.

Here are samples for cantorial documents:

Here are samples for rabbinical documents:

No, you may keep your original documents. We know that individuals will have varying needs and ideas about the reissued documents. Some may choose to hang both documents side by side, or one behind the other, or simply to keep the original document somewhere else for historical purposes. Others may choose to rid themselves of their original document, ritually or otherwise.

With the understanding that alumni have varying needs and concerns, and that there are many paths to healing and repair, we recognize that some alumni may not want new documents. Some have already chosen to blot out the names of individuals who signed their documents, and/or to have a written statement adjacent to their diploma, such as the one available for download here.