Pines School of Graduate Studies Alumni Association

PSGS serves as a link between HUC-JIR and our many alumni, who serve as college professors and high school teachers, authors and research scholars, ministers and rabbis, and more.

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Welcome to the Pines School Alumni Association!

Our mission is to create a network of lifelong connections among alumni, our alma mater, our teachers, current students, and the Reform Movement.  We maintain contact with alumni and highlight their activities to the larger HUC-JIR community, recruit prospective students, and represent the School to the community at large. Most importantly, we foster both the current and future mission of the School by supporting graduate students in the form of mentoring.

Each year, we raise money for the PSGS, enrich the training of current students through professional workshops and the alumni-in-residence program, and participate in the annual luncheon at the national meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature.
For more information on the Pines School of Graduate Studies Alumni Association or to participate in our programs, please contact

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