Alumni Student Recruiting

You found your calling. Help the next generation find theirs.

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Group PhotoRecruit the Next Generation

Nearly half of all student applicants learn about HUC-JIR from a graduate of one of our programs – and approximately 80% of newly enrolled students are connected to at least one alum. Your first-hand experiences at the College-Institute qualify you to be one of our best ambassadors and mentors to prospective students.

Here are some of the many ways you can serve as a volunteer recruiter for HUC-JIR:

Become an Ambassador

Through the Ambassadors Program, alumni host events at summer camps, Hillels and other popular gathering places, and participate in panel discussions during open houses. To find out more, email Admissions.

Serve as an Alumni Mentor

We are proud to recruit alumni to serve as mentors for rabbinic prospects, engaging one-on-one with potential students and participating in our Teaching Impact Fellowship program. If you are interested in mentoring opportunities, email Admissions.

Request our Alumni Recruitment Toolkit

We have a robust suite of publications, email and social media templates, and other outreach tools you can use to share today’s opportunities at HUC-JIR with tomorrow’s Jewish leaders. To request a toolkit, email Admissions.

Invite Future Leaders to Campus Events

If you are planning to visit a campus or attend an upcoming HUC-JIR event, bring a prospect along! Your friends, students, congregants, and campers are encouraged to attend activities at HUC-JIR.

Make a Referral

Have someone in mind who might be a perfect fit for HUC-JIR? Share their information and we would be happy to reach out to them.

However you choose to get involved, thank you for helping recruit the next generation of rabbis, cantors, educators, nonprofit Jewish professionals, scholars, and pastoral counselors.

For more information, contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions

Follow While You Lead

Find HUC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, news, and virtual events. Share our content with your friends, tag someone who would be interested, and use the hashtag #HUCJIR when posting about your HUC-JIR experience.