Rabbinical Alumni Association

The RAA’s mission is to create a nurturing community among alumni; strengthen the connection between the alumni and HUC-JIR; and create and sustain initiatives that serve the ongoing needs of both alumni and the College-Institute.

Rabbinical alumni

Welcome to the Rabbinical Alumni Association!

In service of our mission, the RAA collaborates with the administration, faculty and the Alumni Leadership Council to:

  • create community by providing opportunities to keep alumni informed about what is going on at the College-Institute and in the lives of fellow alumni;
  • provide continuing education and professional learning opportunities for its members;
  • serve the College-Institute in various ways, including engaging in development efforts and encouraging and assisting alumni in identifying and recruiting candidates interested in entering the rabbinate and other College-Institute programs; and
  • build connections with current College-Institute students in anticipation of including them in the alumni community.

Working Groups

As the RAA’s priorities continue to evolve with HUC-JIR’s strategic initiatives, we assemble working groups – alumni volunteers who are dedicated to advancing key priorities through the Alumni Association – when and how they can do the most good each year. Recent groups have included:

  • Development: Working in collaboration with the Institutional Advancement staff to raise funds for the College-Institute
  • Engagement: Developing new initiatives to create connections among alumni and between alumni, the school, and its students and faculty.
  • Recruitment: Working in collaboration with the Admission and Recruitment staff to support to recruitment efforts.
  • Student Outreach: Creating and implementing initiatives to support students and to connect alumni and students.
  • Board of Governors Liaison: Facilitating communication between the Alumni Association and the Board of Governors
  • Representatives to the Alumni Leadership Council: Serving as a liaison to the Alumni Leadership Council and the Rabbinical Alumni Association Past Presidents

For more information on the RAA or to participate in our programs, please contact alumni@huc.edu.

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