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Student Billing

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Contact Information
Stacey J. Roper
Student Accounts Administrator

Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
National Business Office
3101 Clifton Avenue
Klau Library, Room 333
Cincinnati, OH 45220
Tel: (513) 487-3213
Toll Free: 1 (800) 488-8720 ext. 3213
Fax: (513) 221-2369


Billing Statements and Payment: Each student will receive a statement of their account shortly after the Add/Drop period of each semester. All student account statements are assigned a payment due date. Payment for each semester is due to be paid in full no later than the payment date assigned. All accounts not paid in full by the assigned date (See 2018-19 Payment Deadline Schedule) will be subject to a Business Office Hold, a Late fee of $150, along with interest at a rate of 1% for each month the account remains past due. A Business Office Hold will prevent students from enrolling for future semester coursework and/or may have their course registration cancelled.  

2018-19 Payment Deadline Schedule

Summer 2018  

Payment Deadline: Monday, July 2, 2018

Fall 2018

Payment Deadline: Monday, October 1, 2018

Spring 2019

Payment Deadline: Monday, February 25, 2019

Third Party Tuition Payments: If a third party individual (parent, grandparent, etc.) or congregation pays a portion of a student’s tuition, this will not be considered a donation to HUC-JIR but will be treated as a third party tuition payment and applied to the student’s account directly. Such payments are not tax-deductible by law.

Health Insurance for Cincinnati and New York Students ONLY: HUC-JIR in cooperation with its current student health insurance provider has designed a mandatory waiver Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan for ALL full-time students for the current academic year.  New York and Ohio plans are slightly different, so please review the appropriate information (HUC-NY or HUC-CN). 

As a mandatory policy, all full-time students MUST complete the Enrollment/Waiver form and indicate whether or not you plan to enroll or waive coverage.  

Cincinnati students, please return your form to Stacey J. Roper in the National Business Office on the Cincinnati campus.  New York students, please return your form to Harriet Lewis, Director of Operations on the New York campus.

Los Angeles: Health insurance is offered through University of Southern California’s student health insurance plan. Hebrew Union College-JIR students enroll each semester online through USC’s insurance carrier’s website. Payment for USC’s Health Insurance is handled through USC.

Los Angeles students also are charged an additional Student Health Center Fee each semester. The Health Center Fee charge and payment is handled through HUC, The Office of Student Billing.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I see that tuition is listed as a yearly amount on the Tuition and Fee Policy, will I be charged the yearly tuition charge all at once?

Tuition is charged on a per semester basis. Full-time students will be charged half the yearly tuition at the start of the fall semester and half the yearly tuition at the start of the spring semester. Fees are charged once per academic year and are charged in full at the start of the fall semester, except for Graduation/Investiture/Ordination fees which are charged during the spring semester. Insurance and Health Center fees are charged to the student, when the school is charged (monthly (Cincinnati and New York) or on a semester basis (Los Angeles)).

I took out student loans to help with my living expenses. When will I receive this money? 

Stafford and PLUS loans are disbursed to the school at the beginning of each semester, (specific dates can be found on the Financial Aid page). The college deducts tuition and fees from the amount transmitted, and then returns the excess funds to the student. The National Business Office completes these disbursements as quickly as possible after the Add/Drop period ends each semester. Students are encouraged to complete a Direct Deposit Form which allows the College-Institute to deposit directly into their savings or checking account. If a direct deposit is not set up, a paper check is mailed to the student (at the current address in the SIS) on the disbursement date given.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The College accepts checks, money orders and all major credit cards*. 

Online credit card payments can only be made through the student’s SIS account.  *For other credit card payment inquiries, please contact the Student Accounts Administrator at (513) 487-3213.

When submitting checks and money orders, please be sure to insert the student’s name or Student ID# on the memo line. 

Checks and money orders must be made payable to: 
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion 


Mail payments to:

Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion 
Attn: The Office of Student Billing
3101 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

I am having a financial crisis, can the college help me? 
Please contact Roseanne Ackerley, The Director of Financial to inquire about additional financial aid.

Are there any charges to set up a payment plan? 
At this time the College-Institute does not charge any fees or interest on payment plans.

I logged onto the SIS and have a Business Office Hold on my account. I am unable to access the SIS. What do I do? 
Business Office Holds are placed on accounts with balances that are past due or do not have payment arrangements. Contact The Office of Student Billing to make satisfactory arrangements to pay your balance due, and the hold will be lifted from your account.

How long does it take for payments to show on my account? 
If you are payment via credit card through the Student Information System, payments post immediately.  Payments received by way of check and/or money typically, payments will take up to 3 days to show on your account.

Why haven't I received a statement of my account this semester?
The Office of Student Billing uses the current mailing address in SIS for all correspondence. It is imperative that you check your current mailing address in the SIS. If it is wrong, all your bills, letters and other correspondence will go to the wrong address.  Also, remember that student’s have 24/7, 365 access to their student account activity via SIS.

What is a Health Center Fee? 
Students on the Los Angeles campus are charged a fee to use USC's Health Center each semester. This fee cannot be covered by Stafford or Grad PLUS loans unless a Title IV Authorization form is completed.

Why am I being charged an Activity Fee?
Activity fees are charged yearly in the fall semester and are non-refundable. The money from these fees is given to the Student Association for each program, to support community activities.