Student Support Help Desk

HUC-JIR's resource to help facilitate the experience of enrolled students in all of our programs.

The Student Support Help Desk (SSHD) is a new HUC-JIR initiative, as of Summer 2020. Please use the SSHD to ask a general question, share a concern about a student, or report a suspected policy violation. Anyone can use this system on behalf of a student.

A confidential message may be emailed to

A confidential or anonymous message may be left via phone: 844-317-HELP (4357).

A report can be left in our online system.

Someone will respond within 48 hours (often closer to 24 hours). If you would like a response – and to best offer support, provide resources, or investigate any report – we encourage you to leave your name and phone number.

We will treat your report with sensitivity and keep your information as private as possible. Please note that Title IX reports (actions involving discrimination, harassment, or violence on the basis of gender or sex) are private but might not be able to stay confidential. Still, we will address your submitted report with sensitivity.

If you have any questions, please use the Help Desk or contact Rabbi Rachel Gross Prinz at