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Supermarkets and Groceries


Shufersal - Biggest grocery chain in Jerusalem, including on Agron Street.

Feel Box - Supermarket of Rehavia

Osher Ad - Hadar Mall. This is the Costco of Jerusalem. Enter Friday morning at your own risk.

Super HaMoshava - The main grocery store for Katamon and Baka.

Zol Tov - Also a grocery store in many places across the city, including on Bezalel Street

*The cheapest place in the city to buy anything is usually the Shuk.

**There are also corner markets almost everywhere in the city. Some of them are more expensive than others. You’ll quickly learn which corner markets are way too overpriced for some items but good for others. The price of wine or fruits/vegetables is often a good way to determine whether or not your corner store is a ripoff or not.


School Supplies


Hanan - Emek Refaim

Max Stock - Jaffa Street City Center


Shuk Mahane Yehuda


The Shuk is the cheapest place for food purchasing in the city. It is typically very busy on Thursday evening and Friday morning. It also has plenty of bars, restaurants, and stores that sell Judaica. Prices at the shuk are usually negotiable. Over the course of the year, you should ask various friends for recommendations on their “person” or the “basta” (“stand”) that they like to go to for various items including vegetables, meat, bread, desserts, wine, salatim, and other foods.