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Minhag Amerika = Gebet-Buch

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Minhag Amerikah : Tefilot bene Yeshurun = Gebet-Buch fur den Oeffentlichen Gottesdienst und die Privat Andacht. by Isaac M. Wise. Cincinnati : Bloch Publishers,1864.

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Morgengebet = Tefilat Shaharit (Morning service)

p.[5]-16 FlashPaper | PDF
p.17-27 FlashPaper | PDF
p.28-39 FlashPaper | PDF

Abend-Gottesdienst = Arvit (Evening service)

p.51-60 PDF

Morgen-Gottesdienst fur Sabbath und Festtage = Shaharit le-Shabat ve-Y.T. (Morning service for Sabbath and festivals)

p.[61]-70 FlashPaper | PDF
p.71-80 FlashPaper | PDF
p.81-90 FlashPaper | PDF

Musaf-Gebet Fur Sabbath = Musaf le-Shabat

p.[91]- 97 PDF

Musaf-Gebet fur die hohen Feste = Musaf le-Regalim

p.[98]-106  PDF

Minchah-Gottesdienst fur Sabbath und Festtage = Tefilat Minhah le-Shabat ve-Y.T. (Prayers and readings for special holidays)

p.[107]-115 FlashPaper | PDF

p.116-124 FlashPaper | PDF

[Blessings for Home]

p.125-134 FlashPaper | PDF

p.135-144 FlashPaper | PDF