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Library Blog

Physically Distant Image

Sharing Meals for Physically Distant Spiritually Connected Shabbat

Shabbat meals with friends are possibly the social gatherings we have missed most during COVID-19. While we cannot eat in each other’s homes, Read more>

Music manuscript

The Diverse Talents of Eduard Birnbaum

One of the pleasures of cataloging manuscripts is the rare moment that you find something completely unexpected. Such surprises can give some Read more>

shavuot poem

A Song for Shavuot

A Shir for Shavuot Shavuot is here! The holiday is one which celebrates journey and transformation – the Israelites’ entering into the covenant, the culmination of the counting of the Omer, the confirmation Read more>

lagbomer reader

Journey Towards Revelation

At the Klau library we are privileged to have several unique manuscripts for the counting of the Omer, the period of 49 days between Passover and Shavuot. These works Read more>


One Palestine Complete

In 1920, the British government decided to transfer administration of Palestine from military to civilian control. To that end it appointed Herbert Samuel, Read more>


The Many Modes of Matzah

What do you think of when you imagine a piece of matzah? For many Jews today, the iconic image of the unleavened bread is square, perforated, and extra Read more>


Resources for a Unique Passover

A very unusual Passover approaches, a Passover unlike any other. A Passover when we, who are accustomed to living in freedom, find our movement restricted. When we Read more >

Padua Purim

Purim of Padua

Purim is almost here! In anticipation of the holiday, we are looking this week at lesser-known celebrations of a similar nature, known as “local Purims.” Read more >

Nedelman Pictures

Elijah's Cup with Stuart Nedelman

Stuart Nedelman, a local artist, came to visit the Klau Library to look at some books on Judaica artwork which could be incorporated in his paintings and drawings. A widely published artist, Read More>

pirkei avot image

A Pirkei Avot for Tu Bi-Shevat

Tu bi-Shevat, the new year for trees, is just around the corner! With trees and plants and a hope for spring on our minds, we were reminded of HUC MS 86 Read More>

evronot image

The Jewish Calendar and the Zodiac 

With the calendar on everyone’s mind, we are looking this week at the imagery of the Zodiac. Astrological practices were commonplace in Jewish thought as far back as antiquity Read More>


Parashat Vayeishev

This week, we are looking at an excerpt from manuscript 1.3 – an illuminated Pentateuch, Haftarot, and Megillot with Mesorah. Below is an image of the beginning of Parashat Vayeishev, this week's Torah portion. Read More>


A Hanukah Liturgy From Yemen

This 1646 Yemenite work of liturgy, law, scripture, and intercalation includes a sizable entry on Hanukah titled “Seder ha-‘asiyah bi-shmonat yeme Hanukah.” The entry begins Read More>

boyarin picture

Daniel Boyarin Teaches Talmud

This November, the HUC-JIR Community was privileged to host Dr. Daniel Boyarin for the Annual Feld Memorial Lecture at the Klau Library in Cincinnati. Professor Boyarin hails from UC Berekely and brought with him a wealth of scholarship and teaching experience to theRead More>

kitab temeah

Kitab Teme'ah : Book of Impurity

This small manuscript contains laws of ritual purity especially in the context of marital relations. The fragmentary sheaf Read More>

Comics Brunch

Comics Without Jews?? Nothing Much to Talk About 

Bill Love, a comic book expert and reviewer, joined us at the Klau Library for a double session on the impact of Jews on the comic book industry. His talk was  Read More >

avner moriah Art

Avner Moriah - New at the Klau NY

Earlier this month, Sheila and Bill Lambert donated a meaningful and wondrous set of the five books of Moses, in memory of Rabbi Aaron Panken, Ph.D., z”l. This bound manuscript  Read More >

AJL conference pic

Annual Asssociation of Jewish Libraries Conference in LA

The Association of Jewish Libraries had their 54th annual conference in Woodland Hills, CA north of LA, the 17th-19th of June 2019. The conference is a three-day event composed of committee meetings, talks, presentations, and a massive amount of networking and learning. Topics presented consisted of specialized collections, Israeli literature, biblical publications, preservation strategies Read More >

The Borscht Belt: Jews on Vacation

New at the Klau Library in Cincinnati is our very summer-appropriate exhibit titled "The Borsht Belt: Jews on Vacation." This exhibit highlights a unique slice of American Jewish history, when the upwardly mobile Jews began leaving in droves from their stuffy homes in New York City and its surrounding areas, to spend time in the fresh air of the Catskills region, surrounded Read More >

The Four Sons

Those familiar with Passover will be acquainted with the four archetypical children in the haggadah: the wise son (חכם), the wicked son (רשע), the simple son (תם), and the one who does not know to ask (שאינו יודע לשאול). In addition to recording these children’ s memorable words, Jewish scribes and artists have also used visual depictions to give more character and embellishment to these figures.  Read More >

Feld Memorial Lecture : Eduard Birnbaum

Earlier this month, the Klau Library hosted the annual Feld Memorial Lecture in memory of Natalie Feld. This year's lecture was given by Dr. Edwin Seroussi, Director of the Jewish Music Research Centre at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and winner of the 2018 Israel Prize.  Read More >