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Rabbinical Ordination and MA in Hebrew Letters & Literature

Learn to serve the Reform Movement, the Jewish people, and humankind through rigorous academic and professional study, mentored professional experiences, and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

We cultivate students who develop as religious leaders with the Jewish knowledge, skills, and passion to build and support vibrant and meaningful progressive Jewish life.

You will embody a meaningful connection to self and God through Jewish practice and living; possess the ability to bring Jewish texts, ideas, and experiences to address the fundamental questions of what it means to be human and what it means to live a life of purpose in the community; and create relationships and communities that provide deep and substantive experiences of Jewish life and learning while leading to a sense of meaning and belonging.


In the Classroom

Our academic program is designed to give you Jewish content knowledge and the skills to be a lifelong learner. You will fulfill core competencies in Bible, Hebrew language, Jewish history and thought, liturgy, and rabbinic literature through coursework in the early years of the program. Clinical education includes coursework in pedagogy, communication, pastoral counseling, and leadership.


Course of Study

Our curriculum begins with the Year-In-Israel, where you will live and learn in Jerusalem, and is followed by four years  in New York or Los Angeles, where you will prepare to become a rabbi for the 21st century. You will take core courses in liturgy, bible, Hebrew language, Rabbinics, Jewish Thought, and Jewish History, and choose from electives in all areas of Judaica and rabbinical professional development. Your capstone project will enable you to explore a topic in depth working closely with a member of our esteemed faculty.


Experiential Learning

At HUC-JIR, we know that learning happens both in and outside the classroom. Each year of our Rabbinical program includes experiences that allow students to practice the skills and teach the content they are studying, and to learn in the community beyond the walls of HUC-JIR.


Our Year-In-Israel (YII) program offers many exciting extracurricular opportunities for trips and tours around Israel, Shabbat services and meals with Israeli Reform congregations, group outings to festivals and events, Lunch and Learn programs with guest speakers, and more.


HUC-JIR features a robust fieldwork program. Our program has three components: a student pulpit, an internship, and a pastoral experience.


Career Services

HUC-JIR rabbis go on to serve in communities across the United States and beyond, including Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. Our graduates may opt for non-congregational work on college campuses and in day schools, in legacy and innovative organizations. Our faculty have strong connections throughout the Jewish world and can assist with placements.

Joint Degree Opportunities

Rabbinical students can also apply to earn the following degrees/certificates:

Master of Educational Leadership

MA or Certificate from the Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management

Concurrent Degree Programs

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