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Sugiyot Chayim

Sugiyot Chayim – Life Texts for Pastoral Care – is a Talmudic Bibliotherapy Program sponsored by the Blaustein Center for Pastoral Care and Counseling at HUC-JIR/Jerusalem.

Sugiyot Chayim is a liberal beit midrash to discover one’s spiritual voice and deal with decision-making and conflicts through bibliotherapy.

Teachers, group facilitators, psychotherapists, and clergy discover how to use Jewish texts from the Bible, mainly Talmud, to work through spiritual conflicts or dilemmas and to develop and grow spiritually. Both the community of learners and text study help each participant to understand their life from a spiritual perspective, to use the unique language of Jewish texts in order to express themselves, and to use their own stories as a unique interpretation of Jewish texts.

This program is conducted in Hebrew. See the Hebrew language page.

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