Michal Muszkat-Barkan, Ph.D.

Head of Education and Professional Development Department; Professor of Jewish Education Parallel Track

Contact Information

school/program: Jerusalem-Based Programs
academic field: Jewish Education, Professional Development
campus: Jerusalem

Michal Muszkat-Barkan, Ph.D., is a Professor of Jewish Education in the Parallel Track. She is the Director of the Department of Education and Professional Development at HUC-JIR/Jerusalem. Her fields of research include teachers’ professional development, teacher ideologies, multicultural teacher training, and pluralism in Jewish education.

She heads the Rikma M.A. program specializing in Community and Pluralistic Jewish Education, in collaboration with the Melton Center for Jewish Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She spearheaded and is the academic head of the Teachers’ Lounge, in memory of Shira Banki, a professional development program for Arab and Jewish teachers.

Multicultural Education

Pluralism in Jewish Education

Professional Development in Jewish Education

Teaching Prayer

The Unseen Space Between Us – Reflective Practice as a Tool for Professional Development in Jewish Education

Catch the Wind: Prayer and Spirituality in Jewish Education

Pedagogy of Responsibility, Clinical Dilemmas

Case Studies in Rabbinical Practicum

Ph.D., Hebrew University


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Commentaries and Reports

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