Continuous Innovation: The Zschool Expands its Global Reach

April 10, 2024

Rabbi Shirley Idelson, Ph.D at the podium

Transitioning to the next stage of its evolution, the Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management, now led by Rabbi Shirley Idelson, Ph.D., as the new Director, is embarking on a major effort to expand its global presence. Rabbi Idelson’s pivotal role in this initiative is evident as she actively engages in outreach and networking activities.

During December 2023, Rabbi Idelson traveled to the UK where she met with influential figures within the Jewish community in London. Her presence culminated in the Zschool’s debut with a recruitment booth at Limmud London, an international conference that attracts over one thousand participants from the UK, Europe, and beyond. Before the conference, Rabbi Idelson also presented at Finchley Reform Synagogue in London, contributing to the success of the trip.

Photo of Zschool students

Internally, Rabbi Idelson is working with leaders at the College to explore new ways of increasing the Zschool’s presence in the rabbinical and cantorial programs. The program continues to grow and attract students who wish to explore other areas of the nonprofit sector.

To further enrich its academic landscape, the Zschool has hired Jonathan Kaufman, Co-Founder and Principal of Third Plateau, a renowned strategic consulting firm, to teach the second-semester of the Capstone course, on Jewish Nonprofit Accelerators. Together with Professor Zoë Corwin of the Rossier School of Education at USC, who leads the first semester’s Capstone course on research methods, they will shape a dynamic and impactful learning experience for the MA in Jewish Nonprofit Management students in their final pre-graduation Zschool experience.

Innovation has always been a driving force behind the Zschool, exemplified this year through the introduction of hybrid academic format. Combining virtual and in-person elements, this format provides students with unprecedented opportunities for learning, growth, connection, and flexibility. The format allows students to maintain their employment wherever they are based while also providing them with two significant opportunities to immerse themselves in Jewish communities across North America and Israel.

With these initiatives and more, the Zschool is poised to further its pursuit of excellence and global impact. approaches and more will help propel the Zschool’s excellence.

Photo of Zschool students