Yifat Thareani, Ph.D.


academic field: History

Dr. Thareani is currently a research archaeologist at the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology at HUC-JIR’s Taube Family Campus in Jerusalem, and a graduate post-doctoral student at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE), Paris (research topic: Between Israel, Aram and Assyria: Tel Dan at the Iron Age II), and at the Leon-Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, University of Haifa (research topic: The Empire and the Sea: The Case of the Assyrians and the Mediterranean). 

She completed her B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in Archaeology at Tel-Aviv University (dissertation title: Towns in the Desert: Geographical, Economic and Sociopolitical Perspectives written under the direction of Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Nadav Naʼaman). Parallel to her doctoral studies, she directed and executed the research and final publication of the archaeological site of Tel ʻAroer. This research resulted in a two-volume publication (Thareani 2011): Tel ʻAroer in the Negev: The Iron Age II Caravan Town and the Hellenistic-Early Roman Settlement. Over the past few years, Thareani has worked as a co-director at the Tel Dan excavations in the Hula Valley with Dr. David Ilan. Following the completion of the final publication of Tel ʻAroer, she was entrusted with the study and publication of the Iron II findings (first half of the first millennium B.C.E.) from more than 50 years of excavation at Tel Dan. Exploration of imperial strategies in frontier zones led Dr. Thareani to initiate and execute a new archaeological mission at Tel Achziv with French co-directors (Dr. Philippe Abrahami of Lyon 2 University and Dr. Michael Jasmin).


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B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Archaeology, Tel-Aviv University