Digital Resources (full text)

Sacred Texts 


Bar Ilan Responsa Project
This database includes Torah, Talmud, codes, and commentaries in addition to works of responsa. Texts are available in Hebrew only. Basic searching is available to anyone, but advanced features are only available on the HUC campuses or through the Jewish Studies Portal.

Sacred Jewish Texts at Snunit
This Hebrew site includes the Hebrew texts of the Tanakh, Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud (Babylonian, and Jerusalem), Tosefta, and Mishneh Torah. Click one of the texts listed below the title. When viewing a text, you can highlight a word and them click on the dictionary icon floating on the left side for the English definition.

This site has the Tanach in Hebrew and English, Onqelos, and RaMBam's Mishneh Torah, Mishnah, Talmud, and Tosefta.


This site has images of Talmud pages with audio files in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.

Seforim Online
This site focuses on the works of the Rishonim and Acharonim

Modern works 
" was founded in order to preserve old American Hebrew books that are out of print and/or circulation ... [their] mission has expanded to include all Torah Seforim ever printed"

Digitized Ladino Library
The Sephardi Studies Project at Stanford University has digitized and posted several texts including: Kanunname de Penas, Yisrael, Reuven Eliyahu, Traduksyon Livre de las Poezias de Rosh ha-Shana i Kippur; Jerusalmi, Isaac, From Ottoman Turkish to Ladino; Risâle, Alschech, Josef, The Selihoth of the Sephardim; Jerusalmi, Isaac, The Song of Songs in the Targumic Tradition.

Prayers & Prayerbooks

Early American Reform Prayerbooks
In the United States in the 1800's, many congregations saw the need for new prayerbooks. They wanted shorter services, translations of the prayers, less repetition and to incorporate European elements of reform as well as American values. The HUC-JIR libraries have many examples of these prayerbooks and as well as congregational hymnals. - See more at:

Catalona Mahzor 
Mahzor for Rosh Ha-Shana and Yom Kippur according to the Spanish Catalonian Rite. It is dated approximately 1280. From the collection of the National Library of Israel

Other books

Yizkor (Memorial Books) at New York Public Library
There are hundreds of books available as pdf files on this site.

Project Ben-Yehuda
This Hebrew site has texts of Hebrew poetry and literature that is in the public domain

Sacred Jewish Poetry
Includes the texts of piyutim as well as sound file examples.

Menasseh Ben Israel
Scanned images of books printed by this early Dutch publisher

Legends of the Jews / Louis Ginzberg
V. 1-4

Research & Position papers 

Berman Jewish Policy Archive 
BJPA is the central electronic address for Jewish communal policy. BJPA offers a vast collection of policy-relevant research and analysis on Jewish life to the public, free of charge, with holdings spanning from 1900 until today.

Jewish Data Bank 
The Data Bank archives and makes available electronically questionnaires, reports and data files from the National Jewish Population Surveys (NJPS) of 1971, 1990 and 2000-01. The Data Bank is the sole distributor of the NJPS 2000-01 dataset, and has archived a large collection of related materials. In addition to the NJPS studies, the Data Bank provides access to other national Jewish population reports, Jewish population statistics and approximately 200 local Jewish community studies from the major Jewish communities in North America.



Jastrow online / at Tyndale Archive of Biblical Studies
Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature

Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon
You can search the database for word definitions or browse the texts.


Ancient Maps of Jerusalem 
Since the first printed map of Jerusalem appeared in the late 15th century until the beginning of the nineteenth century, when maps began to be based on accurate surveys, more than 300 maps of Jerusalem were designed and printed.

Ancient Maps of Jerusalem 
From the Eran Laor Cartographic Collection


Early Hebrew Newspapers Project / The Jewish National and University Library, David and Fela Shapell Family Digitization Project 
Includes: Halevanon, Hamagid, Havazelet, Havazefira, Hameliz, Hazevi/Haor/Hashkafah

Compact memory - Internetarchiv Juedische Periodika 
Includes over 100 German Jewish journals from between 1806 and 1938

Exilpresse Digital
This German site has 30 Jewish German newspapers published between 1933-1945. Includes Aufbau and Die Zeitung

Zeitschrift fur hebraische Bibliographie

Jewish Community Chronicle (Long Beach & Orange Co., Calif.)
February 1, 1947 through December 20, 2000

Southern Israelite 
Established in 1925 in Augusta Georgia, the Southern Israelite changed owners and formats over the years. In 1987, the paper changed its name to the Atlanta Jewish Times.

Jewish Herald (Houston, Texas) 
Founded in 1908 by Edgar Goldberg, The Jewish Herald was “a weekly publication, devoted to matters of interest to the Hebrew citizens of Houston.”

Pittsburg Jewish Newspaper Project 
The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project is composed of the Jewish Criterion (1895-1962), the American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962), the Jewish Chronicle (1962-present), and the Y-JCC series (1926-1975).

Proquest Historical Newspapers 
Full text searchable versions of: The American Israelite (1854-2000), The American Hebrew & Jewish Messenger (1857-1922), and The Jewish Exponent (1887-1990) are available from the HUC campus only through Proquest.

Lists of Sources

Halacha Brura and Birur Halacha Institute
This Hebrew site has an extensive list of online Biblical and rabbinic sources.

Judaica Electronic Resources / by JNUL List sites with full text books, electronic forums, databases, full text journals, and scholarly Jewish portals

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