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Other Jewish Texts

An Invitation to Piyut

This site contains words, recordings, and scores of piyutim (Jewish religious poetry) from many different regions and traditions. 

Halacha Brura and Berur Halacha

This site contains like to Rabbinic texts from many sites.

Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg

In the early 1900s, Ginzberg collected midrash and aggadic stories about the Bible and Biblical characters and wove them together into one narrative.

Menasseh Ben Israel.

Scanned images of books printed by this early Dutch publisher.

Project Ben-Yehuda

Inspired by Project Gutenberg, this site aspires to make accessible Hebrew literature that is in the public domain. It includes poetry, prose, and other literary forms. It also includes some recent works for which they have gotten the permission of the author.

Yizkor (Memorial) books / NY Public Library, Dorot Jewish Division

Hundreds of Yizkor books are available in PDF format through this site. 

Sacred Texts

Bar Ilan Responsa Project

Includes the Hebrew texts of the Tanakh, Talmuds, early commentaries, codes, and many responsa. Searching is allowed from anywhere, more features are available (saving, printing, etc.) from the HUC campus or through the Jewish Studies Portal.


This site has images of Talmud pages with audio files in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.

Rabbinic works (~1280) and journals (~800) published in the United States are available in PDF form on this site. Also includes biographical information on American Rabbis.

Jewish Texts at Snunit

Includes the Hebrew texts of the Tanakh, Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerushalmi, and Mishneh Torah


This site has the Tanach in Hebrew and English, Onqelos, and RaMBam's Mishneh Torah, Mishnah, Talmud, and Tosefta.

Seforim Online

Many older rabbinic works are available in PDF form on this site. 

Sephardic Studies Project

The Sephardi Studies Project at Stanford University has digitized and posted several texts including: Kanunname de Penas, Yisrael, Reuven Eliyahu, Traduksyon Livre de las Poezias de Rosh ha-Shana i Kippur; Jerusalmi, Isaac, From Ottoman Turkish to Ladino; Risâle, Alschech, Josef, The Selihoth of the Sephardim; Jerusalmi, Isaac, The Song of Songs in the Targumic Tradition. 


Catalona Mahzor

Mahzor for Rosh Ha-Shana and Yom Kippur according to the Spanish Catalonian Rite. It is dated approximately 1280. From the collection of the National Library of Israel.