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Former 60 Minutes producer Abigail Pogrebin gives an insider's view of the Jewish lives of celebrities, discussing her new book, Stars of David at HUC-JIR New York

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Wednesday, March 1, 6:00 PM 

Based on her intimate conversations with some of America's most well-known Jews, Abigail Pogrebin will share their revelations about faith and family, and discuss where Judaism and being Jewish fit into a public life. 

R.S.V.P. - (212) 824-2293
Admission is Free - Photo ID required for entrance. 

Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
One West 4th street (Between Broadway and Mercer)
New York City 

For further information, please call Leah Kaplan at 212-824-2293 or

About Stars of David
In unusually candid interviews conducted by former 60 Minutes producer Abigail Pogrebin, Sixty-two of the most accomplished Jews in America speak intimately-most for the first time-about how they feel about being Jewish. Celebrities ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, from Larry King to Mike Nichols, reveal how resonant, crucial or incidental being Jewish is in their lives. This book of vivid, personal conversations uncovers how being Jewish fits into a public life, and also how the author's evolving religious identity was changed by what she heard. 

Celebrities on Being Jewish (From Stars of David): 

"It's a heritage to be proud of. And then, too, it's something that you can't escape because the world won't let you; so it's a good thing you can be proud of it."
–Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

"My wife [Kate Capshaw] chose to do a full conversion before we were married in 1991, and she married me as a Jew. I think that, more than anything else, brought me back to Judaism."
–Steven Spielberg 

"As someone who was born in Israel, you're put in a position of defending Israel because you know how much is at stake."
–Natalie Portman 

"Jewish introspection and Jewish humor is a way of surviving... if you're not handsome and you're not athletic and you're not rich, there's still one last hope with girls, which is being funny."
–Mike Nichols 

"I felt not only this enormous pride at being a Jew; I felt this enormous void at not being a better Jew."
–Ronald O. Perelman 

"American Jews, like Americans, have a very consumerist attitude toward their identity: they pick and choose the bits of this and that they like."
–Leon Wieseltier 

"I thought if I had straight hair and a perfect nose, my whole career would be different."
–Sarah Jessica Parker 

"I've always rebelled a little when people say, 'My Jewish values lead me to really care about the poor.' I know some Christians who care about the poor, too."
–William Kristol 

"'Jew bastard' was something I heard a lot."
–Leonard Nimoy. 

"I always liked shiksas."
–Larry King 

"It specifically says in the Torah that you can eat shrimp and bacon in a Chinese restaurant."
–Jason Alexander 

"Yom Kippur is something I do alone, with nobody else, because I believe that my relationship with God is mine and mine only."
–Diane von Furstenberg 

R.S.V.P. - (212) 824-2293
Admission is Free - Photo ID required for entrance. 

Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
One West 4th street (Between Broadway and Mercer) 

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