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New York Area College Student Shabbaton

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New York Shabbaton 2018 flyer

These days, it often feels like we live in the middle of a maelstrom.  

We are constantly called to ask ourselves: What do I believe? What is the importance of values in the public sphere? How do my Jewish beliefs or values guide my actions in the secular world? 

As we sail the trying waters of these challenging times, it is helpful to stop and look up to the constellation of Jewish values.  By their light, we seek to navigate ourselves towards what really matters, in the direction demanded by our most deeply held beliefs: hope, human dignity, justice, pluralism, universalism, egalitarianism, education, Klal Yisrael (the unity of the Jewish people) and so many more.

In this Shabbaton, we will explore the stars of this constellation, aspiring to manifest the ideals that they represent in the world, while also recognizing the tension that exists between many of them. Through engaging learning sessions, spirited prayer, and time just to get to know each other, the annual New York Area College Shabbaton will give you the chance ask big questions about big things, figure out where you stand, and discover where you want to go next.

Please give your preferred name/nickname as well as your gender pronouns for your name tag.