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HUC-JIR Youth Leadership Retreat Weekends

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Code of Conduct

 HUC-JIR Retreat Weekends

1. All participants are expected to be on time and participate in all programs and functions (Reasons of health may excuse a participant, but that student must first notify one of the interns personally).


2. Students may not leave the Hebrew Union College campus during the event unless as part of a planned program or with express permission of the interns.  Relatives and friends are not permitted to visit the campus during the event without prior approval.


3. Participants may not leave the Sisterhood Dormitory at night under any circumstance.  Additionally, once curfew has been set, students may not leave their rooms without the consent of a staff member except in an emergency.


4. The Hebrew Union College respects and observes all laws and regulations of the State of Ohio regarding the use, possession, or sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs on the College property.  Any infraction of this regulation will result in the student being sent home immediately at his or her own expense.  This applies to all facilities we will be using during the weekend.  High school students may also not alter their bodies in any way, including with any tattoos or piercings.


5. Smoking is not permitted during youth educational weekends held on the campus.


6. All participants must be respectful of the property in all buildings and facilities that will be used during the weekend.  The participant is responsible for any damage that he or she causes to his or her room or any campus property.


7. Participants are expected to abide by any other rules the interns and Hebrew Union


Adherence to these rules will ensure the safety of all and provide the most positive environment for learning and for an enjoyable visit.


Any participant found to be in violation of any of these regulations may be dismissed from the event and sent home at his or her own expense.


We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to having you with us here at the College-Institute.