Jerusalem Outreach

The Jerusalem Campus of HUC-JIR works together with our partners, the Union for Reform Judaism, the World Union for Progressive Judaism, and the Israeli Reform Movement to reach out to visiting students and tourists in Israel.

Here you will be able to find out information about the events and programs run by the Jerusalem Campus of HUC-JIR.

The Jerusalem Outreach and Recruitment department co-ordinates events for visitors to Israel who would like a Reform experience while they are here.

Open Houses:  Learn with our faculty, meet our students, explore our programs, and kickstart your future at HUC-JIR!

Shabbat Services

We offer tourist friendly, English speaking, prayer services at the Murstein synagogue of HUC-JIR Jerusalem during peak tourist season. For a full calendar of our services, click here.

On the dates that we do not have services you are welcome and encouraged to visit one of the 3 Israeli Reform synagogues in Jerusalem:

  • Kehillat Har El, 16 Shmuel HaNagid, 054-4742314
  • Kehillat Kol Haneshama, 1 Asher Street, 02-6724878
  • Kehillat Mevakshei Derech, 22 Shai Agnon, 02-6792501

To be in touch with Rabbi Shelton Donnell, Rabbi of the Murstein Synagogue write to

As well as opening our synagogue, the Outreach and Recruitment department also organizes events at the at programs and learning institutions all around Israel to talk about the college and our programs of study. We regularly try and attend the following programs:

  • Hebrew University (in co-operation with Beit Hillel)
  • Pardes
  • Conservative Yeshiva
  • WUJS
  • Shnat Netzer
  • Young Judea Year course
  • Machon L'madrichei Hul of the Jewish Agency
  • Alexander Muss High School in Israel
  • NFTY in Israel summer tours
  • Kesher Birthright tours
  • The EIE high school program of the URJ