Rabbinical School Project Based Learning

Year in Israel students smiling at camera


Our Year-In-Israel (YII) program offers many exciting extracurricular opportunities for trips and tours around Israel, Shabbat services and meals with Israeli Reform congregations, group outings to festivals and events, Lunch and Learn programs with guest speakers, and more.

Project Based Learning

You will engage in a Project Based Learning course where you will volunteer with a community or organization based on your interests and passions. We encourage each student to design an independent project to learn about Israel and Israeli society in a direct and unmediated manner and as an opportunity to use and improve Hebrew language skills and interact and connect with Israelis. Students are encouraged to design projects that are interactive and experiential.

Each project has a guiding question and speaks to a personal concern or interest. The end result of each project is shared with your cohort at the end of the spring semester. Deliverables are encouraged to utilize a wide range of creative methods.