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Rosh Hodesh (New Moon) Resources

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Rosh Hodesh (New Moon)

Rosh Hodesh is the marking of the new moon, or new month, in the Jewish calendar. It is often held as a celebration of time itself and of femininity. Explore the items from the Library collection that delve into the laws and customs associated with this minor-holiday.


Books IconBooks

Do a subject  search under ROSH HODESH

Most books will be found on the shelf at: BM 695 N4


Music IconMusic

Musical works for Rosh Hodesh and Birkat HaHodesh can be found by searching ROSH HODESH--MUSIC


Recipe IconRecipes

While traditional Rosh Hodesh recipes are unlikely to turn up in many cookbooks, as a monthly celebration special to women, many communities have the custom to serve special foods and fancy dishes. These can be found in abundance in our collection of Jewish Cookbooks.


Study materials iconStudy and teaching guides

Search the catalog under ROSH HODESH--STUDY AND TEACHING or check with the Tartak Learning Center for more educational materials (


Recommended websites

Rosh Hodesh

Explore Rosh Chodesh at Reform Judaism

This sites a short introduction and history of this monthly holiday.

Rosh Hodesh at My Jewish Learning

Includes articles on the history of the holiday and its prayers; the relationship between women and the New Moon, and steps on starting a Rosh Hodesh group. 

Rosh Hodesh at Ritual Well

Includes articles on the holiday as well as readings for each month.