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Baraita & Tosefta

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 Baraita & Tosefta

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Baraita refers to a type of literature, not a specific work. Baraita means "outside" and refers to legal discussions and commentary written around the same time as the Mishnah, but not included in the Mishnah. There are many collections of baraita including Baraita de-melekhet ha-Mishkan.

Collections of baraita are shelved under BM 507 ; specific works are under BM 507.5

The Tosefta is a special collection of baraita. It is arranged in the same way as the Mishnah (the same 6 orders, with most of the same tractates)
The Tosefta is shelved under BM 508. Complete sets are in BM 508 ; selections in 508.12 ; translations in 508.13 ; concordances, dictionaries, etc. in 508.15 ; works on the Tosefta in 508.2 ; and single orders or tractates in 508.5.Special topics covered in Talmudic Literature

Works on specific topics discussed in any of Talmudic literature and shelved in BM 509. They'll appear in alphabetic order by subject.

Recommended websites

Baraita & Tosefta

Bar Ilan Responsa Project

Includes the Hebrew texts of the Tanakh, Talmuds, early commentaries, codes, and many responsa. Searching is allowed from anywhere, more features are available (saving, printing, etc.) from the HUC campus or through the Jewish Studies Portal.

Halacha Yomi

A translation of the "Kitzur Shulchan Aruch" by Shlomo Ganzfried.

Rabbinic works (~1280) and journals (~800) published in the United States are available in PDF form on this site. Also includes biographical information on American Rabbis.

Maimonides' Guide for the Perplexed

Translated by M. Friedländer

Pirqe Rabbi Eliezer Electronic Text Editing Project

Contains digitized images of three manuscripts.

Seforim Online

Many older rabbinic works are available in PDF form on this site. 

Tosefta at Sefaria

Hebrew and English text of the Tosefta