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Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon

This site provides federated searching (simultaneous searching) of multiple databases via browse and search functions.

Keywords: Bible, Reference, Aramaic


Halacha Brura Virtual Library

This online library provides access to full text resources on bible, halakhah, kabalah, midrash, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and more. All resources are in Hebrew.

Keywords: Bible, History, Primary sources, Holidays, Talmud, Rabbinic Literature, Midrash


Jastrow Online

The full text of Jastrow is available here as a scanned document. It is not searchable, but the left hand tab lists guide words to jump to the correct page. Sefaria also has a Jastrow dictionary (not searchable) but in clearer type.

Keywords: Hebrew, Aramaic, Rabbinic Literature


Ma’agarim- The Historical Dictionary Project

This historical dictionary of Hebrew aims to document when and where certain words and phrases entered the Hebrew language, what the original form was, and if the word/phrase is still in use, among other historical questions. 

Keywords: Hebrew, History



This website provides Hebrew/English online dictionary with other language learning resources, such as games and quizzes. 

Keywords: Reference



This resources provides citiation guides for MLA, APA and other citation formats for use in academic papers and research. 

Keywords: Writing, Reference



Sefaria is repository of Liturgical, Talmudic, and  Biblical texts in English, Hebrew and sometimes Aramaic, also includes Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Edot Ha-Mizrah siddurim, Chabad, etc. and allows for user-creation of source sheets for teaching and discussion.

Keywords: Reference, Primary sources, Liturgy, Bible, Talmud, Education, Rabbinic Literature