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Past Programs

Selected TImeline

1986 - Ethics Center Founded

1988 - "The Fundamentalist Phenomenon: A View From Within, A Response From Without" Conference

1989 - "A Time to Be Born, and a Time to Die: The Ethics of Choice"

1990 - "The Corporation and the Community: Mutual Antagonism and Mutual Responsibility"

1991 - "Can There Be a Just War in the Modern World?" & "Babel and Beyond: Ethics, Opportunity, and Power in a Multicultural Society"

1992 - "The AIDS crisis"

1993 - "Ethics in Journalism: As They Tell It: As We See It; As It Is"

1994 - "Funding and Fairness in Education" & "Rethinking Public Education"

1995 - "Building Families That Flourish"

2000 - "Violence Against Women: Family, Faith Communities and The Law"

2001 - "End of Life Treatment & Care: Religious and Secular Perspectives" & "John Dullbois: The Last Surviving Interrogator From The Nuremberg Trials" & "Concentrations of Wealth, Concentrations of Poverty: Homelessness and Ethical Decisions in Housing"

2002 - "Opera Rap: Panel Discussion of Capital Punishment" & "Zero Tolerance: Education and Justice for All?"

2003 - "Capitalism and Sin" & "Ethical Dilemmas that arise when offering emergency care in time of war"

2004 - "Censored: Exploring the Fine Line Between Thought Provoking and Offensive" & "Musicality of Violence: The Aesthetics of Terror"

2005 - "Gender Stereotypes: The African American Family and The Margaret Garner Story" & "Symposium on Religious Perspectives of Poverty and Welfare Policy"

2006 - "Reporting The War on Terror" & "Poverty, Welfare, and Religion Symposium: Poverty and Displacement"

2007 - "Poverty, Welfare, and Religion Symposium: Family, Gender and Justice "

2008 - "Seeking Refuge in the 21st Century: Escaping Darfur" & "Lamentations: Music, Text, & Interpretation"


Dr. Mark Stavsky


Dr. Mark Stavsky

A 1973 graduate of Northwestern University, Dr. Mark Stavsky earned the degree of Juris Doctor magna cum laude from DePaul University College of Law in 1976. He received a Master of Laws (In Criminal Justice) degree in 1982 from New York University School of Law, where he was Marshall Fellow in Civil Liberties. Dr. Stavsky has been a visiting lecturer and scholar in Japan, England, Pakistan, and Thailand. In 1988 he published "The Journey to Miranda and Beyond: Development of the Constitutional Right to Counsel During Interrogation".

Dr. Stavsky currently teaches at Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University, specializing in criminal procedure, evidence, trial advocacy, white collar crime, comparative law, and prisoner's rights. During his residency, Dr. Stavsky taught a joint course in "Criminality and Civil Disability" at the University of Cincinnati College of Law and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.


Dr. Julian Wuerth


Dr. Julian Wuerth

A 1993 graduate of the University of Chicago, Dr. Julian Wuerth earned his doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania. He attended the Humboldt University in Berlin on a DAAD Fellowship in 1997-98. His areas of specialization include the ethics and theoretical philosophy of Immanuel Kant, early modern philosophy, philosophy of the mind, German Idealism, and contemporary ethics. He currently teaches at Vanderbilt University, and previously taught in the University of Cincinnati Department of Philosophy where he was also the director of the ethics program at the University of Cincinnati College of Law.