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As you work with students it might be helpful to consider the countless responsa, both medieval and modern. These will serve as a window into many of the complicated issues of conversion and may help us answer many of the questions that may arise in our congregations.

Reform Movement Responsa

Jacob, Walter. Circumcision for an Eight Year Old Convert. CCAR Responsum (1996)

Infant Conversion, Contemporary American Reform Responsa (1984)

Bar Mitzvah of a Convert Contemporary American Reform Responsa (1977)

Jacob, Walter. Burial of prospective convert XCI(1981) American Reform Responsa 71-72

A Cantor Married to a Convert. New American Reform Responsa. (1989)

A Convert and Hebrew. New American Reform Responsa. (1989)

A Convert From Another Land. New American Reform Respona (1989)

Mental Competency of a Convert. American Reform Responsa (1979)

The Name of a Convert. New American Reform Responsa (1989)

Privacy of a Convert. Contemporary American Reform Responsa (1984)

Jacob, Walter. An Apostate Proselyte. American Reform Responsa (1980)

Name of a Teenage Convert. New American Reform Responsa. (1988)

A Tarot Reader As a Convert. New American Reform Resonsa. (1988)

Convert with Christian Family. Contemporary American Reform Responsa. (1984)

Convert with a Jewish Father. Contemporary American Reform Responsa (1985)

The Miqveh and Reform Convert. Contemporary American Reform Responsa (1977)

Origin of Miqveh for Conversion. Contemporary American Reform Responsa (1983)

A Convert's Hebrew Name. CCAR Responsa. (1990)

Conversion of a Person Suffering from Mental Illness. CCAR Respona. (1998)

Conversion When the Spouse Remains a Gentile. CCAR Responsa (2000)

Conversion of an Illegal Immigrant. CCAR Responsa (2003)

Adoption, Conversion, and "Patrilineal" Decent. CCAR Responsa (2007)

Jacob, Walter Prospective Convert who fears Circumcision Judaism in Jewish Law (1994)

Jacob, Walter. A Swimming Pool as a Mikveh.  Judaism in Jewish Law (1994)

Jacob, Walter. Gerut and the Question of Belief. Conversion to Judaism in Jewish Law (1994) 141-143.

Convert Buried in Christian Ceremony. Contemporary Reform Responsa (1974)

A Horror of Circumcision. Today's Reform Responsa (1990).

A Convert and Jewish Burial (Ruth's Vow). Contemporary Reform Responsa (1974)

The Pregnant Proselyte. Modern Reform Responsa (1971)

Questions Concerning Proselytes. New Reform Responsa (1980)

Mitzvot Which Must Be Explained to Convert. New Reform Responsa (1980)

Duty to Seek Converts. New Reform Responsa (1980)

Changing the Surname of the Convert. Modern Reform Responsa (1971)

Converts and the Rabbi's Responsibility. Reform Responsa for Our Time (1977)

The Proselyte and Her Gentile Parents. Today's Reform Responsa (1990)

Miscegenation and Conversion of Negros. Recent Reform Responsa (1963)

Unprovable Claims to Conversion. Recent Reform Responsa (1963)

Unprovable Claims to Conversion (2). Recent Reform Responsa (1963)

Converting a Gentile Mother Whose Children Remain Christian. Current Reform Responsa (1969)

Converting a Married Woman. Reform Responsa. (1960)

Conversion of a Married Man with Christian Family. Current Reform Responsa.(1969)

Conversion of Infants. Current Reform Responsa. (1969)

Conversion Without Marriage. Reform Responsa (1960)

An Incomplete Conversion. New Reform Responsa. (1980).

An Incomplete Conversion (2). Modern Reform Respona (1971)

A Dubious Conversion. Contemporary Reform Responsa (1974)

A Questionable Conversion. Recent Reform Responsa. (1963)

Laymen Conducting a Conversion. Current Reform Responsa (1969)

Questions from Israel on Proselytism. Contemporary Reform Responsa (1974).

Conversion and Marriage After Transexual Surgery. CCAR Responsa (1997)

Conversion and Church Membership. Reform Responsa (1960)


Conservative Movement Responsa

Joel Roth, Akiba Lubow, "A Standard of Rabbinic Practice Regarding Determination of Jewish Identity" YD 268.1986

Ben Zion Bergman, "The Case of the Unconverted Spouse" YD 268.1993

Herbert J. Mandl, "Conversion to Judaism Without Circumcision Due to Medical Complications" YD 268:1.1994

David Novak, "The Status of Non-Halakhic Conversions" YD 268:3.1982

Aaron L. Mackler, "Maternal Identity and the Religious Status of Children Born to a Surrogate Mother" YD 268:6.1997

Avram Israel Reisner, "On the Conversion of Adopted and Patrilineal Children" YD 268:7.1988

Joel Roth, "Should the Kashrut of Conversions Be Investigated?" YD 268:10.1984a

David Novak, "A Teshuvah on the Subject of the Investigations of Conversions Today (Hebrew)" YD 268:10.1984b

Steven Saltzman, "The Status of Ethiopian Jews" YD 268:10.1986

Reuven Hammer, "On Proving Jewish Identity" YD 268:10.2011

Steven Saltzman, "May a Conversion Obtained Through Deceit Be Annulled?" YD 268:12.1989a

Avram Israel Reisner, "On Annulling a Conversion Obtained by Deceit: A Concurring Opinion" YD 268:12.1989b

Morris Shapiro, "Addendum I On: May a Conversion Obtained by Deceit be Annulled" YD 268:12.1989c (part 1)

Morris Shapiro, "Addendum 2 On: May a Conversion Obtained by Deceit be Annulled" YD 268:12.1989d (part 2)

Gerald Zelizer, "The Return of Second Generation Apostates" YD 268:12.1995

Barry Leff, "May a Convert Use a Name other than “Ploni ben/bat Avraham Avinu?”" YD 269.1.2010a

Elliot Dorff, "May a Convert Use a Name other than “Ploni ben/bat Avraham Avinu?” a Concurring Opinion " YD 269.1.2010b

Miriam Berkowitz, "May a Convert Use a Name other than “Ploni ben/bat Avraham Avinu?” A Dissenting Opinion" YD 269.1.2010c

Gail Labovitz, "May a Convert Use a Name other than “Ploni ben/bat Avraham Avinu?” A Concurring Opinion" YD 269.1.2010d