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Who is a Jew: Conversion and the State of Israel

The question of "who is a Jew" is one of the hardest and most divisive in the country. Issues of who can perform a conversion and questions of descent not only determine who is Jewish, but often who is allowed to work, travel, and even live in Israel. The following section includes information on many of these issues .


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Orthodox Responsa

This section includes a long list of famous orthodox responsa (in Hebrew). These responsa deal with issues as diverse as adoption, circumcision, ritual immersion, conversion for the sake of marriage and others.


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Movement Guidelines and Policy

Issues around conversion can be complicated. The Reform and Conservative movements each have policies and protocols that may be helpful as you work with conversion students.


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Progressive Responsa

As you work with students it might be helpful to consider the countless responsa, both medieval and modern. These will serve as a window into many of the complicated issues of conversion and may help us answer many of the questions that may arise in our congregations.


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