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The ECE has inspired several books which represent the ideas of the ECE as well as practical methods toward becoming a Congregation of Learners and a Self-Renewing Congregation. 

The Self-Renewing Congregation, by Isa Aron (Jewish Lights Publishing, 2002). Based largely on the work of the ECE over its first 10 years, this book identifies organizational strategies for revitalizing congregations of all denominations and sizes. In order to become self-renewing, Dr. Aron suggests that congregations develop four "capacities" or abilities which include: being both reflective and proactive; practicing collaborative leadership with professionals and lay leaders; accommodating diversity while building one community; and balancing tradition and change. The book illustrates each capacity with examples from actual congregations across the country that are making significant progress toward revitalization.


Becoming a Congregation of Learners: Learning as a Key to Revitalizing Congregational Life, by Isa Aron (Woodstock, Vermont, Jewish Lights Publishing, 2000). This book draws on the experiences of the first 14 congregations that participated in the pilot ECE process. In it, Dr. Isa Aron, Founding Director of the ECE, sets out the key ideas that distinguish the ECE’s approach to synagogue transformation. Isa shares vignettes that illustrate what it means to be a Congregation of Learners, and a wealth of exercises, handouts, text-study materials, and vision statements that flesh out the practical realities of the ECE’s demonstrated five-step process of synagogue change.



A Congregation of Learners: Transforming the Synagogue into a Learning Community, edited by Isa Aron, Sara Lee, and Seymour Rossel (New York, UAHC Press, 1995). This volume compiles papers of scholars, educators, and congregational leaders that laid the foundations for the ECE.






Sacred Strategies: Transforming Synagogues from Functional to Visionary, by Isa Aron Steven M. Cohen, Lawrence A. Hoffman, and Ari Y. Kelman (Herndon, VA, The Alban Institute, 2010). Sacred Strategies is co-authored by founding director of the ECE, Dr. Isa Aron. It embodies many of the philosophies and methodologies that the ECE adheres to.   






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