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Blaustein and the Broader Community

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Master Classes

Explorations in Jewish Pastoral Theology

In January 2011, HUC-JIR/NY hosted its inaugural two-day master class entitled: Explorations in Jewish Pastoral Theology.  Rabbi Nancy H. Wiener, DMin (HUC-JIR/NY), Rabbi Mychal Springer (JTS) and Barbara Breitman, CSW, DMin. (RRC) have studied together and consulted about class content.  In their shared desire to contribute to and grow the field of Jewish pastoral education, they collaborate in planning and teaching a master class to provide three participants, one from each of their respective movements, an opportunity to participate a unique learning environment as a catalyst for serious theological reflection.  Each participant is asked to prepare a verbatim of an exchange that took place in a congregational setting that raised theological issues either for the congregant and/or the rabbi.  Through discussion, reflection and role-play, the participants and faculty explore theological themes that emerge and consider the important ways that our lived experiences inform our theological perspectives.  The first master class involved current students.  The subsequent classes have involved alumni.  Wiener, Brietman and Springer have been utilizing the content of the master class for their own scholarly writing and pedagogical applications in their classroom and supervisory settings.


Blaustein Center for Pastoral Counseling, Israel

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Interfaith Collaborations Promoting Health and Wellness

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