Judaism & Culture: Temples and Tabernacles: How the Ancient Israelites Worshipped

February 4, 2021 | Dr. David Ilan

Chapters 25-27 of the Book of Exodus (Parashat Terumah) contain a very detailed description of the Tabernacle in the Sinai desert and how the Israelites – priests and lay people – were instructed to carry out the Tabernacle rituals. Later, in II Kings 6, Solomon’s Temple is described in detail and prescriptions for ritual action in the Temple then appear throughout Exodus and Leviticus.

Through the presentation of visual reconstructions of these edifices and rituals and parallels from Egypt, Syria, and beyond, learn about the historical and social implications of Israelite ritual, how things changed radically with the destruction of the First Temple, and how the biblical prescriptions are relevant today.

How the Ancient Israelites Worshipped