Traditional Music for the Reform Synagogue Honoring Cantor Eliyahu Schleifer, Ph.D.

Singing Group

Photo by Avi Linden


Cantor Eliyahu Schleiffer, Ph.D.’s lifelong contributions to Reform Liturgy were honored by the World Congress for Jewish Studies in “Traditional Music for the Reform Synagogue,” a session held on Wednesday, August 10, in Jerusalem. The session featured his many Reform liturgical pieces. The 12 (tefillot) pieces were performed by Cantor Eli Schleifer, along with Cantor Sarah Grabiner ’19, Cantorial Program Coordinator for the Year-in-Israel, our three first-year cantorial students, and pianists Aya Schleifer and Assaf Kedem.


3 people taking a photoOnly six weeks into their first year in Jerusalem, Aleksandra Dubov, Phillip Fisherman, and Emily Lezin offered beautiful renditions of Schleifer’s rich treasure of Traditional Jewish Music tailored for Reform Synagogues worldwide.5 person group photo

Rabbi Naamah Kelman ’92, Dean of the Taube Family Campus in Jerusalem gave special thanks to Cantor Sarah Grabiner for working with our impressive students. She noted, “I am so pleased that our Jerusalem campus was able to lend support to this event.”