Student Spotlight: Rebecca Hecht

Rebecca Hecht

Rebecca Hecht

Third-Year Rabbinical Student
HUC-JIR/New York

Headshot of Rebecca HechtAfter working as a teaching assistant for the first-year students’ summer intensive three-week Hebrew program in collaboration with Middlebury Language Schools, I served as the T.A. for Rabbi Michael Marmur’s Parashat HaShavua class this fall. I managed two sections of a Beit Midrash where the first-year students had an opportunity to explore online learning resources and spend time in chevruta studying the Hebrew grammar, vocabulary, and content of the weekly Torah portion. This semester, I am working with the first-year students on their liturgy translations and Hebrew preparation in small group tutoring sessions.

It is a joy to build relationships and learn Torah with my first-year classmates — an incredible cohort of thoughtful, compassionate individuals who will be my colleagues and friends for life. I feel honored to play a small part in their HUC experience, while strengthening my skills as a teacher and student of Torah.