HUC Library Manuscript Website Expanded to Include Significant Rare Books

Seder Sod Adonai im perush Sharvit ha-zahav

HUC Klau Library, Cincinnati, MS 599 – Seder Sod Adonai im perush Sharvit ha-zahav. Germany, 1741. Learn more.

The Hebrew Union College Library, one of the most comprehensive Jewish libraries in the world with over half a million volumes, has recently expanded its manuscript website collection to include significant and precious rare books. The collection possesses more than 3,000 Hebrew manuscripts, one of the largest and most important collections of rare Hebraica and Judaica in the world. Spanning more than a millennium, from the tenth to the twentieth centuries, and covering a wide range of topics, the Library’s manuscript collection includes liturgy, Jewish law, Rabbinic texts and commentaries, poetry, philosophy, kabbalah and mysticism, the Bible and its exegesis, responsa, letters from individuals and communities, historical documents, and other general literature. Among these manuscripts are significant collections of Samaritan and Chinese Jewish manuscripts, Haggadot, sacred synagogue music, and Esther scrolls.

Yoram Bitton, Director of Libraries, shares, “The rare books and manuscripts are an important component of the HUC-JIR libraries. We are so pleased that we have been able to digitize a small portion of our collection and make these treasures accessible to the wider community. We hope to continue to digitize materials and grow our online collection.”

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