HUC-JIR School of Education Launches the Master of Arts in Teaching Program

With a new academic year, the HUC School of Education has launched the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, designed specifically for DeLeT alumni. The MAT offers classroom teachers personalized and collaborative professional learning to enhance their teaching practice on a deeper level beyond their original DeLeT credential.

Gathering virtually, the first MAT cohort came together to create their online relational learning community, a space where nurturing relationships and collective learning are prioritized, and to begin their intensive professional learning with DeLeT faculty, Dr. Lauren Applebaum, Allison JoAnn Lester, and Shelley Lawrence.

Although developing relationships online can be challenging, with care, intention, and sophisticated remote learning strategies, a strong sense of closeness was palpable among students and faculty. Students were able to connect deeply with each other about dilemmas within their teaching and explore reflective inquiry practices.

“We are thrilled to welcome DeLeT alumni ‘back home’ to continue their growth as teachers in our first MAT cohort,” DeLeT director Dr. Lauren Applebaum shared.  “Working together with faculty, this first cohort will help shape their own learning and participate in building this new chapter for DeLeT.”

Building on the work they completed in the DeLeT credential, over the course of this two semester MAT program, learners will take a researcher’s stance in their practice by designing an individualized action research project, locating, describing, and analyzing key issues in their practice while receiving personalized mentoring and a collaborative cohort-based learning experience.

The MAT program offers our DeLeT alumni an empowering opportunity to continue creating change within their respective settings by identifying as researchers or inquirers of their practice and redefining their role of practitioner as an active creator of knowledge.

The new program is made possible in part by the generosity of Laura Lauder, who partnered in the creation of DeLeT and has since supported alumni learning. “We are grateful for Laura’s investment in our alumni, securing a solid career ladder for day school teachers who want to enrich their professions as excellent educators in classrooms,” said Dr. Miriam Heller Stern, National Director of the School of Education and Vice Provost for Educational Strategy. “This kind of sustained commitment to the talent pipeline is essential for promoting fulfilling careers and high-quality teaching and learning in our schools.”

Are you a DeLeT alum currently teaching in a classroom and looking to develop your skills even further? Learn more about the MAT, and contact us at