Donor Spotlight: Peachy Levy

Peachy Levy, Board of Advisors Emeriti; Western Region Advisor

My initial connection to HUC came about because of the nature of the building, built without windows and thus needing something of interest on the bare walls. There was art on some of the walls but no program to replace what was there and no plan to to use the art as a possibility of a second language in the HUC studies. My friend Jean Abarbanel and I wanted to give this art some purpose besides its decorative value.

Since I was doing this work, Fredi Rembaum approached me with the prospect of being a member of what is now known as the Board of Advisors. It was the minhag at HUC that the members of that Board hold different positions at the College, and since I was already working there perhaps I would like to join the Board. It was sort of backwards but an invitation that I liked and so I became a member.

I’ve continued to be involved in that work with Anne Hromodka, helping to make decisions about subject matter to display. She is basic to the process. What I find most interesting is any opportunity to connect with the students, to find out what they see as their future, to talk about their pulpits and any issues, and to generally see what the future looks like in the rabbinate.

I’m very interested in the future of Reform Judaism, and specifically for rabbis and teachers. In my own life with my husband Mark, “zl, we have used our tzedakah to further Jewish values. That has been primary in our lives and continues in my life. HUC is an important part of that since rabbis and teachers will fill the role of leading synagogues, camps, schools, Hillels, and more institutions than I can name.

In my own synagogue, Leo Baeck Temple, many students have been interns, some becoming members of the clergy. So I have seen first hand the importance and the value of HUC, of which I’m proud to be a part.