COVID-19 – Planning and Preparedness

The safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty, and staff are extremely important to us. Our senior management team is assessing the situation daily as it affects the HUC-JIR community by monitoring guidelines and recommendations from local, state, and federal health officials.  We will continue to update the community as this evolving situation develops.
(As of August 10, 2021)
Dear HUC Students, Faculty, and Staff,
Last week, you received an email that updated our mask requirements, mandating masks for everyone in all indoor public, communal, and shared spaces, regardless of vaccination status. In addition to the revised mask guidelines, we are implementing stricter protocols that restrict access to any stateside campus to vaccinated individuals only, unless otherwise required by law.
HUC’s vaccine requirement goes into effect on August 16 and is intended to provide an extra layer of safety and protection to our HUC community. This is a direct response to the Delta variant, which spreads more rapidly and can be more serious than the original strain of Covid-19.
Submit your proof of vaccination and Acknowledgement Form by August 16, regardless of when you are returning to campus. This will help us understand the vaccination rate in our community as well as any adjustments that may be needed to our environment and/or protocols.
As a part of the new guideline, any student, faculty, or staff member who does not submit their proof of vaccination or have an approved exemption by August 16, will lose badge access to the campus buildings. If this happens, you will need to show proof of vaccination each time you enter the building.
If you have submitted, or plan to submit, an exemption form due to a medical or religious/moral belief, your exemption request will be reviewed by a committee. Every effort will be made to determine an accommodation that will allow you to complete your learning or work remotely or in a manner that limits face-to-face contact on campus.
Faculty and staff should submit their information through Paycom. Students should click here to submit their information through the Office of Student Support. All individuals regardless of their vaccination status are required to submit an Acknowledgement Form by August 16.
Each individual is responsible for submitting the necessary paperwork on time to facilitate their return to campus, their ability to attend class, and their ability to do their job.
August 16: Faculty, students, and staff that support in-person learning are expected to return to campus on or about August 16 with classes beginning August 23.
October 4: All other staff are expected to return to campus no later than October 4, but should still submit all paperwork by August 16.
All visitors, including children, will be required to abide by the same vaccination requirements and must show proof of vaccination to security upon entry or they will be denied access to the campus building. Exceptions will be evaluated in advance, on a case-by-case basis, by the CFO.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will inform you of any further changes in our return-to-campus protocols.
Thank you to all who have already submitted the appropriate documentation and to those who are working to submit their documentation. It is with your compliance that we are able to protect the HUC community. While the pandemic continues to be unpredictable, it is our intention that these safety measures will help make the return of students, faculty, and staff a comfortable and safe experience.
If you are a student and have questions or concerns, please contact our Global HR Director, Nicole Jones, at
We look forward to a successful academic year!


Nicole Jones, MBA, SHRM-CP                                    Amy Goldberg
Global Director of Human Resources                         Chief Financial Officer                                           

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We are here to offer support to all those experiencing concern:
Cincinnati: Rabbi Jonathan Hecht, Ph.D., Rabbi Julie Schwartz, Rabbi Richard Sarason
Jerusalem: Rabbi Naamah Kelman, Rabbi Josh Herman
Los Angeles: Michael Gropper
New York: Rabbi Nancy Wiener, D.Min.

Reporting to the President
Campus and Academic Leadership
Rabbi Andrea Weiss*, Ph.D., ProvostRabbi David Adelson*, D.Min., Dean of the New York CampusRabbi Jonathan Hecht*, Ph.D., Dean of the Cincinnati CampusDr. Joshua Holo*, Dean of the Skirball Campus, Los AngelesRabbi Naamah Kelman*, Dean of the Taube Family Campus, Jerusalem
Senior Administrative Leadership
Rabbi Adam Allenberg*, Senior Director of Admissions and RecruitmentAmy Goldberg*, Chief Financial Officer (as of May 4)Michelle Slocum*, Assistant Vice President, Finance; Controller
Academic Program Directors
Rabbi Talia Avnon-Benveniste, Director, Israel Rabbinical ProgramYoram Bitton, Director of Libraries Cantor Richard Cohn, Director, Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music Rabbi Lisa Grant, Ph.D, Director, Rabbinical Program, New YorkLeah Hochman, Ph.D., Director, Louchheim School for Judaic StudiesLesley Litman, Ph.D., Director, Executive M.A. Program in Jewish EducationErik Ludwig, Ph.D., Director, Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit ManagementDavid S. Mendelsson, Ph.D., Director, Year-In-Israel ProgramRabbi Richard Sarason, Ph.D., Director, Pines School of Graduate StudiesRabbi Julie S. Schwartz, Associate DeanMiriam Heller Stern, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Educational Strategy Rabbi Dvora E. Weisberg, Ph.D., Director, Rabbinical Program, Los AngelesRabbi Gary Zola, Ph.D., Executive Director, American Jewish Archives
Additional Crisis Management Leadership
Dganit Jenshil, Chief Operating Officer of the Taube Family Campus, Jerusalem                Andrea Kann, Executive Secretary to the Board of GovernorsRabbi Elliott Kleinman, Chief Engagement OfficerEinav Lahav, Chief Financial Officer of the Taube Family Campus, JerusalemJean Bloch Rosensaft, Assistant Vice President for Communications and Public AffairsNicole Vandestienne, Executive Administrator, Office of the President
*Members of the President’s Cabinet
As of August 16, 2020. Membership is still in formation.
Academic Continuity
Online Learning Task ForceSarah Benor, Chair Jill Abramson Alice Finkelstein Jennifer Grayson Leah Hochman Tamar Duvdevani Lesley Litman Frankie Salzman Joe Skloot Mira Weller
Faculty Support Task ForceJason Kalman, Chair David Aaron Reuven Firestone Alyssa Gray Dalia Marx Bruce Philips
Student Personal and Professional Well-being Task ForceNancy Wiener, Chair Dana Anesi Talia Avnon Libby Fisher Andrew Goodman Josh Herman Jan Katzew Myriam Klotz Mandi Richardson Julie Schwarz Joel Simon Ruth Sohn Alexandra Stein David White Laura Novak Winer
Operational Continuity
Development Task Force Serena Young, Chair Yana Fomin Melissa Garai Michael Gropper Leah Hochman Abby Schwartz Samantha Tannanbaum Jill Vora
Alumni Task Force Elliott Kleinman, Chair Jill Abramson Micol Zimmerman Burkman Samantha Koss Angele OsborneMiriam Heller SternChelsea Simon
Communications Task Force Jeanie Rosensaft, Chair Lisa Frankel Ally Glazer Ilana Goldberg Vanessa Harper Sally Korkin Susan Kulick Dalia Marx Jose MoralesMaor Rodman Shane Sampson Abby Schwartz Chelsea SimonAmanda Sissman Sheryl Stahl Sam Tannanbaum Nicole Vandestienne Cathee Weiss Kristin Young
External Partnerships Task Force Erik Ludwig, Chair Adam Allenberg Erin Fine Lisa Frankel Amy Goldberg Andrew Goodman Dganit Jenshil Monisha Ringler Samantha Tannanbaum Serena Young
Staff Support Task ForceAutumn Wheeler, Co-ChairKristin Young, Co-ChairIris Ben-zviNancy DowlinAmy GoldbergNicole JonesEinav Lahav Harriet Lewis Ryan Tourial
Facilities, Building Operations, and Infrastructure Task ForceLisa Frankel, Co-ChairHarriet Lewis, Co-ChairYoram Bitton Amy GoldbergWalter Jackson Dganit JenshilAbby Schwartz Walter Welch Laurel Wolfson Kristin Young
Recruitment and Admissions Task ForceAdam Allenberg, ChairDavid AaronNorman CohenKim GeringerLeah HochmanCandice LevyJulie SchwartzDvora Weisberg, consultantLisa Grant, consultantJonathan Hecht, consultant