Commending the Israeli Supreme Court for Its Recognition of Reform and Conservative Conversions to Judaism

We commend the Israeli Supreme Court for its recognition of Reform and Conservative conversions to Judaism. This affirmation acknowledges the Jewish identity of so many who have chosen to join our People through the liberal denominations of Judaism and confirms the authority of our Israeli Reform rabbinical alumni in their vital work of leading communities that are inclusive and welcoming. The Court’s decision supports the vitality of religious pluralism in the State of Israel and reinforces the unity of the Jewish people worldwide.

We stand with the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and MARAM, the association of Israeli Reform rabbis, in expressing gratitude for this long-awaited and much deserved expression of respect, inclusion, and civil and religious rights for all those who have embraced Judaism through liberal conversion. This limited ruling is an important beginning step, as we continue to advocate for full recognition of all Jews, rabbis, and denominations in Israel. We hope that the next elected government of Israel will uphold this important milestone.

Rabbi Naamah Kelman, Dean, Taube Family Campus, HUC/Jerusalem

Andrew Rehfeld, Ph.D., President