One Nation: Contemporary Artists Consider America, Past, Present, and Future


On View: January 19 – July 20, 2023

ONE NATION presents a provocative view of America, past, present, and future, as interpreted by 40 contemporary artists who consider the state of our nation and hopes for a just future.

E pluribus unum, out of many, one – was the Founders’ vision for America: a nation forged from different ethnic cultures, national origins, religions, and economic classes – yet unified by a shared commitment to freedom, democracy, and guaranteed individual rights.

The artists in this exhibition have investigated America’s ideals and aspirations as well as its challenges through works mirroring the diversity of American culture and experience. Their diverse identities provide multifaceted perspectives of who we are, and who we might become.

From the Founding Fathers to the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., the welcoming Statue of Liberty to today’s immigration struggles, the joy of citizenship to the striving for the American dream, the many facets of our nation are powerfully depicted in multiple mediums, including paintings, woodcuts, photography, tapestry, collage, and textiles.

Curator Phyllis Freedman explains, “Our motto expresses more than an ideal. It reflects an essential truth about both nature and human society: we are stronger and more resilient together, embracing all of our differences, than we are apart.”

Jean Bloch Rosensaft, Heller Museum Director, adds, “This exhibition reminds us that we must take action against the systemic racism, attacks on human rights, and rising antisemitism that divide our nation, and ensure that our country endures as a guiding light of freedom and justice for all.”

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Image: Alan Falk, Echad (One), 2017; Oil on canvas.

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