Sharing Meals for Physically Distant Spiritually Connected Shabbat

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Shabbat meals with friends are possibly the social gatherings we have missed most during COVID-19. While we cannot eat in each other’s homes, we have been sharing meals with each other each Shabbat. Every week we trade salads with a neighbor who bakes so that my husband can get fresh baked challah (I’m not a baker). The other trades, including salads and sides, are usually unplanned surprises; we bring the food to synagogue or stop by each others’ houses. Delivering and receiving dishes for short, socially distant face time with friends, is a new, uplifting part of my Shabbat Eve preparations.

My husband and just got married in March and are proud members of the “If we can get through this, we can get through anything together” COVID-19 newlywed cohort. We planned to move back to Manhattan soon after our March wedding, but here we are, still in Cincinnati, five months later.

This week my husband and I prepared recipes from HUC’s vast cookbook collection. The collection at the Klau Library includes hundreds of cookbooks; from “budget” spiral-bound collections published by synagogue sisterhoods in the 70s to gorgeous full-color compilations of exotic and modern Kosher cuisine. As an aside, Cincinnati HUC faculty, staff, and students can now request library materials -even cookbooks- using our Item Request Form.

We picked cookbooks from the two places we miss the most: Israel and Manhattan.

Chana and Scott with cookbooks

Manhattan Recipe:

Peeling peppers for an hour!

Scott peeling peppers

Finally finished!

Scott with finished product

Israel Recipe:

Gathering Ingredients (yes, those 3 jalapeños made it spicy)

Prepping food ingerients

So much salad!

Chana with final product

Contributed by Chana Wolfson, Librarian

Contributed by Jason Schapera, Digitization Specialist

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