One Palestine Complete

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

In 1920, the British government decided to transfer administration of Palestine from military to civilian control. To that end it appointed Herbert Samuel, a politician, as High Commissioner for Palestine and thus became the first Jew to govern the Land of Israel since the Roman exile 2,000 years prior. Samuel was greeted in Jerusalem with fanfare, where he was sent to assume control from Major General Sir Louis Bols. They met on June 30, 1920 at the General’s office for the transfer of power, at which point Bols observed, “I suppose you’ll need a receipt.” He took out a sheet of letterhead and wrote one out.

Occupied Enemy Territory Administration (South),
30. 6. 20

Received from Major General Sir Louis Bols, one Palestine, complete.

E. & O.E.
Herbert Samuel

E. & O.E. — “Errors and omissions excepted” — a disclaimer formula, often used when transactions are undertaken quickly, to reduce the liability of the disclaimant.

This original receipt was acquired by the Klau Library by a donation in the 1960s and is housed in our Rare Book Room.

Original Receipt


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