Amy Goldberg

Vice President of Finance; Chief Financial Officer

Amy Goldberg headshot

This month is Women’s History Month. Why is it important to you to recognize women’s impact?
I’m thinking about the courage of so many women who were the first at things, but also about all of the women who are continuing to drive change today. To me, part of the importance in recognizing women’s achievements is also recognizing how much more we still have to do. It is important to keep remembering what we’ve done and to keep pushing forward to do more. I also think about my kids and what I’m passing on to them. I have two daughters and a son who are grown now and out in the world. I think about the role model I was to my daughters, making them strong women, and a role model to my son, shaping how he perceives women and how he treats women in his personal life and in the workplace.

What inspires you?
From the time my kids were born, they’ve always inspired me to do better for them, to leave the world better than the way we found it and to create a world they can be proud of. Even now that they’re adults and are out making their own way, I still feel that it is so important to be a role model for them. But they’re also a role model for me, and they inspire me every day in the things they do and the way they treat people. Also, I am inspired by the people at HUC-JIR and my team. I come from a career in corporate, where it is a much more cut-throat environment. When I first got to HUC-JIR, I was immediately struck by the passion and the dedication of all of our employees. They’re smart, they’re diverse, they’re delivering a hundred percent and more every single day. And they’re eager to contribute to all aspects of HUC-JIR, not just within the scope of their job responsibilities, and look for ways to continuously improve our culture and live our Jewish values.

As a leader at HUC-JIR, how do you hope to inspire others?
For me, it’s about behavior and setting an example. They say actions speak louder than words, so I think it’s in our behavior that we can inspire others. We are a Jewish organization, but our population is quite diverse. My goal is to make sure that everybody, regardless of their position in the College, is treated fairly and with respect. I feel very lucky and excited to be in a position where I can help to be part of that solution. So as we’re thinking through our response to Morgan Lewis, as we’re thinking through our efforts around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and as we think about how we create a sustainable future for the College, I feel very lucky and proud to be a part of helping to shape what those solutions are.