Retirement Plan

Regardless of what retirement means to you now—or will mean when you get there—just about everybody worries about the same thing: financial security.

However, few people enjoy a comfortable retirement by accident. It takes careful thought and planning, based on one’s own situation. Even small amounts of money invested regularly over your career can provide a significant financial resource at retirement.

HUC-JIR, through its 403(b) Plan, helps you meet your retirement goals in two ways:

  • By providing a base of financial security through the Base Contribution that HUC-JIR makes on your behalf, and
  • By making it possible for you to save additional amounts on a tax-advantaged basis (Voluntary Contributions).  HUC-JIR will match a portion of this amount.
Eligibility for Voluntary ContributionsRegular full-time employees

You can enroll at the start of a quarter, and make changes at any time (no service requirement)
Voluntary ContributionsPre-Tax 403(b) – Tax-deferred Voluntary Contributions are deducted from your gross wages before amounts are taken out for income taxes and deductions.
Voluntary Contribution LimitsThe Maximum Contribution Limit for 2023 has increased to $22,500.
• Anyone age 50 or older by the end of 2023 has a catch-up option of $7,500. The max is $30,000
1. Eligible employees earning $50,000 or less: basic employer contribution of 5% of base pay, plus a 100% matching contribution up to an additional 2% of earnings.
2. Eligible employees earning over $50,000: basic employer contribution of 4% of base pay, plus a 100% matching contribution up to an additional 3% of earnings.
HUC-JIR Base ContributionHUC-JIR contributes the equivalent 4% or 5% of your base pay (dependent on set parameters).
HUC-JIR Matching ContributionHUC-JIR matches up 2% or 3% of your base pay (dependent on set parameters).
Parsonage AllowanceWithdrawals used for parsonage/housing allowance may be tax free. Inform the Fidelity representative that you are requesting a Parsonage Distribution.
403(b)Investment OptionsFaculty/staff decide how contributions are invested among a selection of professionally managed funds. For investment option details, visit Fidelity at

To enroll, change investments, change your beneficiaries, and to view your account visit Fidelity at