A Pathway Towards Trust

Join us for a conversation with Dani Elazar, CEO of Hand in Hand, and Lee Gordon, Founder and Director of the American Friends of Hand in Hand, moderated by HUC-JIR President Andrew Rehfeld, to learn more about their efforts.

Show me the money!

Explore the different funding opportunities available to pay for your college education. The HUC Admissions team will discuss fellowships, scholarships, and program specific funding options.

Remaking liberalism for a Time of Authoritarian Threat

Please join us for a conversation with Professor Samuel Moyn, one of the most provocative and penetrating analysts of contemporary American democracy and the threats to it, for a discussion of his most recent book, Liberalism Against Itself: Cold War Intellectuals and the Making of Our Times. It is an intellectual history that traces modern liberalism, exploring its current fragility and limitations. Moyn presents a call for a new liberal philosophy and politics, and given the threats to liberalism facing our country and American Jews, his charge and argument could not be timelier.